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PebbleCreek Quilter's 
October  Skill Builder Class
Freezer Paper Appliqué 

DATE:   October 24
TEACHER:     Jackie Droncheff
TIME: 9:30 AM - 12 PM - Class
1:00 PM - 3 PM - Workshop.       

Place: Fiber Arts Room
All skill levels

​(This is not necessarily the appliqué project you may be working on in this class - an example of one of many patterns Jackie has available.  See the website for other examples or bring your own clip art or appliqué pattern)

Come join our Master appliqué Artist Jackie (yes she did lead the team who did the amazing appliqué work on the club’s gorgeous WWI Quilt).  She will show you the basics and her tips and tricks of the freezer paper method of hand appliqué - Not to be missed!! 

Jackie will have some basic shapes available in class if you want to just play with the technique.  Maybe you are doing the Jelly Roll Race for charity and can’t wait to make your own Jelly Roll quilt, adding  a little appliqué would take a simple quilt to a new level!! Please bring two fabrics, high contrast will work best, a fat quarter of each would be more than enough.  

The Supply List is quite lengthy, please read through and contact Jackie should you have questions.   

Supply/Tool List

 A Stylus with a metal tip.  Do not get a plastic tip stylus, you will melt it!

Small paint brush or stipple brush (I bought a 1/4" flat paint brush it has short bristles at JoAnns in the paint and canvas dept.) 

Can of Heavy spray starch (from the grocery store) I buy "Niagara",  Best Press has too much water in it.
Sealing Iron or Clover small appliqué Iron.  (I have a  few extra irons if you can't get one.  You can use in the room but not to take home.)
Temporary Basting Glue.  I use Roxanne.  I have a few extra if you want to buy from me. 

Permanent Marker to trace pattern onto freezer paper.

Freezer Paper - I will provide what you need for class (we’ll talk about other options if you fall in love with this technique

Paper cutting scissors

Small pointie fabric scissors

Thread - your preference. Match the color to the piece you are appliquéing, not the back piece.  I like Superior Masterpiece it is 50 weight.  If you buy a "super bob" it gives you a variety of colors on paper bobbins, which is plenty for hand appliqué. It is quite expensive so you are welcome to use my colors for the class.  I buy when they are on sale or at a show,  The red super bob is "Bottom Line" 60 wt but it is polyester.  I use it and its almost invisible but,  it knots easily.  I have the purple cotton frosted donut (please note that the picture shown is not representative of the colors you would receive with the Bob)  and the blue cotton frosted donut.  I've found them for $30-$35 (they retail for around $50) but actually the purple donut is $25 on clearance on the You really should get one at this price!

Needles - I use straw or Milliner size 8 or 9 (they are for sale on the superior thread site also.  I prefer them to appliqué needles because they are longer, but again, it is up to you.  The thinner the needle the easier it goes through the fabric but it also means the eye is smaller.


If you plan to make a lot of the same shapes, such as leaves or circles, you could bring some plastic template to make one and then trace several onto freezer paper.  I have several plastic templates to use. 

If you have signed up for the class and have questions about what you want to make, please contact me by email,  before the class (maybe questions on fabric or pattern or anything else.) 

I am concerned about the cost of all the above supplies, that is why I will let you use what I have if you need to decide if you want to invest in all that I recommend, but you must bring a stylus, paint brush and scissors. 

Please register online at 

No cost to members

$25 fee for non-members
Class size limited to 15 - a waiting list will be taken if needed 

Questions or difficulty enrolling contact either:
Linda Shaver  Call or text. 480-369-2693
Pam Murphy   Call or text. 360-481-2225