T-Shirt Quilt Class
Instructor: Joyce Wechselberger
Where: Fiber Arts Room
When: Saturday,
November 23rd - - Class date was changed
Time: 9:00-12:00 (may stay longer to work on quilt)

This is a great class to be creative.  Everyone has T-shirts laying around.  Put your tees to good use, make a quilt.  The class will show you techniques used for preparing your tees.  Discussion on when to use sashing or not.  How to determine the size of your quilt. 

Remember the most important rule for making a T-shirt quilt: 


Supplies needed:
Feather weight fusible interfacing (Pellon P44F-JAS fusible interfacing)
Fabric for sashing, borders, binding & backing


2.  Wash all your tees.  Yes, you can wash them together.  T-shirt quilts are washable and can be dried also.  If you haven’t washed them before, use a Shout Color Catcher in the washer.  Do NOT use fabric softener.  It can cause the interfacing not to stick.  It is much easier to work with tees that are stabilized.

2. Now you are ready to cut the fronts and backs.  Cut BIG, it is easier to cut them down than to add material to them.  You can sew fronts and backs together after they are stabilized.  This is a good time to roughly lay them out.  Get a feel for the size and arrangement of them.  If there is a t-shirt you don’t like, you won’t like it any better on the quilt.  In fact, it will probably be very annoying to see it on your quilt.  It won’t get better with age.  It’s not a bottle of wine!

3. Cut your interfacing 2-3” bigger than your t-shirt.  This will give you a little ‘wiggle’ room if you don’t place them perfectly.  Before cutting the t-shirt to size, you want to make sure to stabilize them.  (I try to cut all my t-shirts 15”, then I lay them out.  You can get a better idea of size.). There are many tips on how to lay out your quilt.  The size you want will determine how you lay them out.  AGAIN, DO NOT CUT ANY OF THEM DOWN AT THIS POINT.  Once you determine the layout you can ‘adjust’ the size of them.

4. Size??? That is up to you.  T-shirt quilts can be sewn with sashing or without sashing, with borders or without borders, etc.   This is the fun part.  It is your quilt and you can do whatever you like. 

NOTES - Accurate cutting and accurate sewing is important.  Like any other quilt, 1/4” seam allowances ironed to one side.
You can also use things that are not t-shirts.  Just remember, if it stretches, stabilize it.
If you are short a t-shirt, go buy one.  Get one from a family member or friend.  They will be honored you asked!

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