PebbleCreek Quilters

Oasis Quilt Class
WHEN:  Tuesday, February 27th, 9:00-4:00
WHERE:  Fiber Arts Room
WHO:  Ila Larson & Erma Taylor


Fabric Requirements: 

MAIN COLOR:  Pick one main color for your quilt.  The class sample uses “earth” color - beige, rust, brown.  You will need 30-60 different fabrics (depending on how large you want your quilt to be).  It is VERY IMPORTANT you have full range of value in your main color, from light to dark.  One third of each - light, medium, dark.  You will need one piece of fabric 8 1/2” wide, and between 8 1/2 to 12” long, from each fabric.  If you have 60 different fabrics, a piece 8 1/2” X 8 1/2” from each of the 60 fabrics is large enough.  If you only have 30 different fabrics, you will need a piece that is 8 1/2” X 12” from each of the 30 fabrics.  If you are buying new fabrics, you will need to buy 1/4 yard of each fabric.  Fat quarters will work.

ACCENT COLOR:  Pick a color that has high contrast to your main color.  For example, I used rust (orange with brown added) as a main color.  Turquoise is directly across from orange on the color wheel, so it is my accent color.  I also used a little dark purple as a secondary accent.  Choose at lease 4 different fabrics for the accent, either all one color, or different colors.  I used 2 turquoise and 2 purple fabrics.  You will need one piece of fabric 8 1/2”wide, and between 8 1/2” to 12” long, from each accent fabric. 

You may also use jelly rolls.  The pieces would be cut in the sizes directed.  Even the narrow leftover pieces could make your piece more interesting.  If you are using jelly roll pieces just insert them all together in your progression of fabrics.  If you don't have all the fabric you need be sure to have enough cut to spend the day sewing instead of cutting fabric.  It is fun and interesting to see how your pieces will come out.  

If you have additional questions, don't hesitate to call me - Ila  (623) 249-7746.


Please register online at

No cost to members

$25 fee for non-members

Class size limited to 18 - wait list will be taken if needed

Questions or difficulty enrolling contact either:

Kathy Brown -  Call or text, 303-882-8727

Sandy Crabtree.   Call or text, 678-361-9028