PebbleCreek Quilters

This years quilt challenge is based on a very popular quilt pattern. During the civil war in the U. S. it picked up the name "log cabin" based on the presidency of Abraham Lincoln who was born and raised in a log cabin home. It was a symbol of the American frontier spirit.

Early log cabin blocks were hand pieced using strips of fabrics around a central square
representing the hearth or in the home. Yellow was also used
as a sign of welcome in the window. There is also oral folklore
reporting that a black center quilt hanging on a line meant a
signal to stop for the Underground Railroad.

Variations of settings include Court house steps, White House
steps, 8 sided pineapple, barn raising, sun shine and
shadows. The variations are endless.

I would like to propose you construct your own variation of
your log cabin. Think of it as a home or dwelling. It can be an
abstract representation or realistic statement of your log cabin
or building.

You can use your favorite fabrics and make any shape. If you
would like to make a larger quilt take into consideration that it
will be folded for display in the cases.

I encourage all members to participate. We will name this

Kathleen O'Connell

2017 Challenge
​My Log Cabin & Beyond