PebbleCreek Quilters

   Quilts that have been documented by PebbleCreek Quilters are now on the National Quilt Index.  If you would like to view them, please use these instructions and link to view the quilts. 

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NameItem NameIdentification No.
Karen BogadiFish67-EC-A96
Karen BogadiWhat's Your Sign67-EC-A97
Karen BogadiA Quilters DNA67-EC-A98
Karen BogadiCircles of Seasons67-EC-A99
Karen BogadiButterfly Garden67-EC-A9A
Karen BogadiA Tribute to Pablo67-EC-A9B
Karen BogadiZinnias67-EC-A9C
Karen BogadiSummer in the City67-EC-A9D
Karen BogadiWhite Rabbit67-EC-A9E
Priscilla NaworskiBaskets67-EC-A9F
Karen BogadiQuilt Grandma Made for Me67-EC -AA0
Cynthia J. SantoroCrown Royal Garden Quilt67-EC-AA1
Karen BogadiPine Tree67-EC-AA2
Karen BogadiPinwheel in Star67-EC-AA3
Karen BogadiHidden Circles67-EC-AA4
Karen BogadiBroken Star with Mariner's Compass67-EC-AA5
Karen BogadiBarn Quilts of San County, Iowa67-EC-AA6
Karen BogadiMemories of Autumn67-EC-AA7
Karen BogadiFireworks67-EC-AA8
Karen BogadiThe Color of Music67-EC-AA9
Karen BogadiStarry Winter Day & Night67-EC-AAA
Donna AybarAnvil & Hourglass67-EC-AAB
JoAnn FiorettiDouble Wedding Ring67-EC-AAC
JoAnn FiorettiMariner's Compass67-EC-AAD
Mary CoombsStars, Flowers, Vines, Leaves67-EC-AAE
Mary CoombsMaple Leaf67-EC-AAF
Mary CoombsYellow Brick Road67-EC-AB0
Louise FillsWholecloth67-EC-AB1
Carol WinstonSnowball Circles67-EC-AB2
Carol WinstonDrunkard's Path67-EC-AB3
Carol WinstonBoston Comons67-EC-AB4
Bev CoeAlbumn67-EC-AB5
Kathy BrownStar & Flower Stars67-EC-AB6
Kathy BrownCivil War Quilt67-EC-AB7
Kathy BrownDarci's Dress Up67-EC-AB8
Judy RobinsonHouse67-EC-AB9
Edna DeFordBlue & White Blocks67-EC-ABA
Pam MorrisonThe Bible67-EC-ABB
Mary CoombsPineapple67-EC-ABC
Mary CoombsMedallion Quilt67-EC-ABD
Linda LabenzBicycle Wheel67-EC-ABE
Linda LabenzTotal Eclipse67-EC-ABF
Ronda JonesHearts & Gizzards67-EC-AC0
Ronda JonesOde to Blanche67-EC-AC1
Ronda JonesHugs & Kisses67-EC-AC2
Linda LabenzBurst of Blooms67-EC-AC3
NameItem NameIdentification No.
Bobbie WagnerPrimitive Flower Wool Applique67-EC-9A1
Karen BogadiSwallows in the Garden67-EC-9A2
Barb CrossExtended Nine Patch67-EC-9A3
PC QuiltersWhere Poppies Grow67-EC-9A4
PC Quilters
Irish Stone Creek67-EC-9A5
Diane Lawrence 
Crazy Quilt67-EC-9A6
Erma TaylorState Bird & Flower67-EC-9A7
Barb CrossArabic Lattice67-EC-9A8
Barb CrossFan Quilt67-EC-9A9
Barb CrossGrandmother's Fan67-EC-9AA
Priscilla NaworskiWedding Quilt67-EC-A72
Edna DeFordGrandmother's Flower Garden67-EC-A73
Nancy HothCrazy Quilt67-EC-A74
Nancy HothMatchstick Marimba67-EC-A75
Pat FreemanGrandma's Flower Garden67-EC-A76
Linda LabenzBloody Mary67-EC-A77
Kathy BrownBlock of the Month67-EC-A78
Helen M. PhillipsVariation of Alice's Favorite67-EC-A79
Cheryl L. NeelFriendship Dahlia67-EC-A7A
Cheryl L. NeelWheel of Fortune67-EC-A7B
Cheryl L. NeelOcean Waves67-EC-A7C
Cheryl L. NeelIrish Chain67-EC-A7D
Cheryl L. NeelRailroad Crossing67-EC-A7E
Cheryl L. NeelSnowball & Octagon67-EC-A7F
Cheryl L. NeelOhio Star67-EC-A80
Chery L. NeelDouble Iris Chain67-EC-A81
Cheryl L. NeelHoney Cone67-EC-A82
Cheryl L. NeelLog Cabin67-EC-A83
Cheryl L. NeelMonkey Wrench67-EC-A84
Cheryl L. NeelLemoyne Star67-EC-A85
Cheryl L. NeelLog Cabin


Jackie DroncheffMy Arizona Sampler67-EC-A87
Carole B. GarrettWholecloth67-EC-A88
Louise FilsDutchman's Puzzzle67-EC-A89
Carole B. GarrettWedding Ring67-EC-A8A
Carole B. GarrettPostage Stamp67-EC-A8B
Cynthia J. SantoroGrandmother's Flower Garden67-EC-A8C
Cynthia J. SantoroMemories of Provence 201267-EC-A8D
Carole B. GarrettNine Square67-EC-A8E
Carole B. Garrett4 Patch67-EC-A8F
Cynthia J. Santoro Botanical Gardens67-EC-A90
Anitha I MelinBaskets67-EC-A91
Suzanne FortunatoCandle Wicking67-EC-A92
Suzanne FortunatoDouble Wedding Ring67-EC-A93
Suzanne FortunatoZig Zag67-EC-A94
Karen BogadiFlying over the Keys67-EC-A95