PebbleCreek Quilters

In past years our challenges have included themes like our favorite music, God’s living creatures Arizona’s centennial, and crayon colors.    Also various shaped design elements like log cabins based on strips, curves and circles and flying geese.  Now, what about this year??

6 stands for the HEXAGON shape. The hexagon is a 6 sided shape often referred to in modern times as the Hexie.   Quilters for a long time have been making quilts with this shape. In the 1930s many women (mostly women) were making grandmothers flower garden quilts where they could use their leftover pieces of material. This was during the Great Depression when everything was scarce.

There has been a resurgence of interest in recent times.  I Challenge you to think beyond the box and look at this design element in a new way. Certainly English paper piecing has been caught up in popularity in recent years but with new approaches and tools. The quilt One Block Wonder is based on the 6 sided hexagon as well as the octagon (8 sided). The shape is the basis for table linens like placemats, table toppers, etc., and I spy quilts.  There are many different ways to use the 6 sided shape. 

Google and Pinterest are your friends for ideas. New fabrics are always an inspiration and  so are older quilts. You may even want to take along a project to hand piece during your summer trips. Today there are various plastic templates and different sized paper or cardboard like templates to help cut out hexagons. 

Your quilted piece can be any size or color. The hexagon can be used with other design elements to make your special quilt. . It can be appliqués, fused, machine or hand sewn.

Think outside the box, but you may also want to duplicate or take inspiration from quilts in the past. Have fun.

Your beautiful creations will be hung next year for the month of March 2019 here in the Creative Arts center so we have almost a year to make these quilts!

If any questions, please contact me at 602-628-0576 or email me at  Thank you. Kathleen OConnell




2018-2019 Challenge
​HEXAGONS - Hexie's