PebbleCreek Quilters

To all my fellow PebbleCreek quilters: 

After considering the quarantine we are all living through, I propose a new Challenge for 2020 and due in March 2021. The Dresden plate and its variations seems to be an appropriate, fun block we can all do creative things with.

Any size from pillows to larger size quilts would be very effective.
There are a lot of photos, patterns and ideas on the web. 

In the past, the Dresden plate also called grandmothers flower garden etc. was very
popular in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Various fabrics which were available at the time helped identify the time period. There is also evidence of quilts made in the 1700’s. 

Today because of materials available we have many choices of patterns and fabric.
It received its name from a place in Germany, Dresden, however the name grandmothers
flower garden seemed more suitable to the many quilters who made these quilts.
The center of the block is based on a 360 degree circle. There can be 8 blades or 12, pointed or curved, your choice. Again, there is lots of info on sites like Pinterest, Google and Missouri Star Quilts that can be found. 

It lends itself to many modern interpretations and embellishments. I’m sure you can all
have fun with your own version of this block.

As in past years, the PCQ will show their quilts in the two large display cases at the
Creative Art Center.

Please contact if any questions.
Kathleen OConnell. 602 628 0576 or email

2020-2021 CHALLENGE - DUE MARCH 2021