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The Pebblecreek Quilters Club create a quilt each year that is called an Opportunity Quilt.  Your purchasing a ticket/s to win this beautiful quilt gives the club funds to continue with all the many Community Service projects during the year. 

 This year's Opportunity Quilt,  "A Godwin Watercolor Trip" is a queen size quilt (93x95") pieced by Sue Godwin, a member of the club for many years who has passed away, and quilted by Linda Publicover.  

Prior to the Covid-19 we were displaying the quilt at various event and selling raffle tickets.  With those activities suspended, you are invited to purchase tickets for the raffle in two ways. The drawing for this quilt will be held December 14, 2020.  


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OR if you desire to pay with cash or check,  please fill in all information on the ticket entry form required by the red asterisk and submit the form.  Again we will receive your information, reply by email that your tickets are available for you to come to 15935 W. Edgemont Ave. to pick up your tickets.   You will be notified of a date and time when the tickets will be available.

Our entry tickets do not contain numbers, nor is a ticket stub required to win.