PebbleCreek Quilters


One Block Wonder Workshop
March 12, 5 pm before guild meeting (only for new OBW quilters)
March 27, Tuesday, 9:15-3 

Workshop leader... Linda Labenz
Difficulty: Practiced Beginner--Advanced Quilter 

Fees: PebbleCreek Quilter: Free
Non member: $35

Have you ever dreamed of making your own one-of-a-kind One Block Wonder?

Have you started your own One Block Wonder but never quite got it completed?

These workshops are for you. During the March 12th workshop, Linda will teach you what fabric you should look for to make your very own quilt as this is THE most important part of getting you to complete your One Block Wonder. You will see examples of fabric, OBW's in the process of completion, as well as completed OBW's. You will also learn that there are two methods for making these quilts. If you decide to continue toward your goal, Linda will direct you to purchase your one fabric, book by Maxine Rosenthal, and flower pins before the next workshop on March 27 when you will begin making your OBW. 

The plan is for you to have the skills to go wherever through the summer and come back with a completed OBW to share at Show & Tell. Linda will continue to be available to help you through this fun process. 

For those of you who have started your OBW.... Come and work on your project as anyone is welcome to be working on these projects during these workshops. Hopefully, we will inspire each other to get them completed. 

Regular sewing supplies are needed as well as a rotary cutter with a new blade.
Everyone needs to register for this workshop via the guild website at 

Class limit: 18

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