PebbleCreek Quilters

High Tech Tucks
Teacher:  Donna Wisnoski
Tuesday April 10, 9-4 pm  

Please register online at or use the button below.


7/8 YD  for tucks and binding
7/8 YD  for tucks and binding
1-l/4 YD for background and backing….bright colored or larger print works best
25” X 30” cotton batting
l/2 YD 1” grid fusible interfacing
This can be hard to find so you can draw 1” lines on batting or draw lines on any fusible interfacing. 


From background fabric cut: one l8” strip by width of fabric (WOF) and cutting this into 24, l-l/2” X l8”, which must be kept in order and numbered 1-24.  Cut three 2-l/4” strips for binding. 

From your tuck fabric #1 cut one l8” strip by WOF and cutting this piece into 23, 1-1/2 X l8” and these must also be kept in order by numbers.  Cut two, 2” X l8” strips for the side borders, and four 2” strips for top and bottom borders. 

From the tuck fabric #2 cut one l8” strip by WOF, cutting this piece into 23, l-l/2” X l8” which also must be numbered and kept in order. 

From the batting cut one 20” X 30” rectangle and two 2-1/2” X 30” strips. 

From your background fabric cut one 32” X 25” rectangle for the back. 

No cost to members
$25 fee for non-members
Class size limited to 18 - wait list will be taken if needed

Questions or difficulty enrolling contact either:
Kathy Brown - Call or text, 303-882-8727
Sandy Crabtree.   Call or text, 678-361-9028


This was made by Dalonna Cooper