PebbleCreek Quilters

January 3, 2017 

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Chris Booth, Barb Van Trump, Iris Weise, Pam Murphy, Karen Bogadi, Liz Gray, Pam Branfuhr, Linda Shaver, Jo Ellen Cruze and Mary Coombs.
Also present: Webmaster-Ronda Jones. 

Chris Booth called the meeting to order at 9:25 am.  The December 5, 2016 board minutes stand as posted. 

Reports of Officers and Standing Committees:

President:  There will be an upcoming meeting to review the Bylaws. 

Vice President:  No report. 

Secretary:  No report

Treasurer: There is $14,949.13 in the treasury.  

Programs/Education:  Quilting 101 begins January 5 and runs for 6 weeks.  The class is full with a waiting list. 
Gravity quilt will be worked on January 6.
There will be a demo on January 9 prior to the General Meeting starting at 6:15.
Sunday, January 15, from 2-3, Linda Publicover will be giving a lecture, "Things you may need to know."
January 31st, 10-2am, will be the "Skill Builder, Block of the Month".
Modern Quilters can let us know if they are interested in some programs.
Monday nights are open if anyone has ideas and would like to host. 

Community Service:  In 2016, 248 quilts, 44 pillowcases, 4 snap bags, 36 zippy strippy bags and 10 burp clothes have been donated.  The cost of batting was $932.90.  Money brought in by sales of quilts was $365.

Long arm:   A $50 gift card was given to Mike Publicover for work on the long arm. 

Publicity:   No report. 

Social:  No report.

Library:  No report. 

Sales:  No report. 

Window:  No report

Webmaster:  There will be a demo prior to the February General meeting to better use and understand the website. 

Special Committees: 
     Opportunity Quilt 2017:  Will be revealed at the January General Meeting.
     Documentation Project:  Next documentation will be January 13, 12:30-4. 

Unfinished Business:  Cook book orders are still being taken up thru the January 9th meeting.  Recipes can still be submitted to Christine Booth. 

New Business:   Pam Branfuhr will be auditing the books.
Chris Booth moved that Nancy Treece be elected to the board as emeritus.  Pam Branfuhr seconded. Passed by members present.
Ronda  Jones moved that the bill for "Go Daddy" of $559.24 for 3 years be paid.  Seconded by Karen Bogadi, motion passed.
The proposed budget was presented.  Ronda Jones moved that the proposed budget be accepted, Karen Bogadi seconded, passed by those present.

Pam Branfuhr moved the meeting be adjourned, Karen Bogadi seconded, Meeting adjourned at 10:28 am. 

General Business will be on the January 9 in the Art Room.
Next Board meeting will be February 6th.

Respectfully Submitted
By Barbara Van Trump