PebbleCreek Quilters

PebbleCreek Quilters Board Meeting
April 24, 2020

Ronda Jones, President, called meeting to order at 9:05am by using Zoom due to the Corona Virus.  Members attending are Ronda Jones, Marka Locker, Linda Rowe, Cheryl Skummer, Sandy Crabtree, Patsy Wagner, Carol Moonan and Roberta Penchina

President, Ronda:  Because of the virus, we need to prepare for the opening of the room hopefully on May 17th.  Therefore, we need to discuss procedures that will occur due to the 2 months of the room being closed.

Long Arm, Roberta:  Linda made a motion and Roberta seconded that “Due to the virus and the room being closed, we will not count the months of March and April (and May if closed) when you register to use the long arm machine”.  Example, if you last used the machine in January and did not register to use again until July, then you would need to be re-certified.  But if you registered to use the machine in June and January was the last time you used the machine, then you are able to register and can use the machine without re-certification

Longarm machine has been moved, so Roberta will be given at least a half day to prepare machine to be used.  Longarm is not expected to be moved during the replacement of the cabinets.  Date of cabinet replacement is still unknown. 

Roberta is concerned about the oil level in the machine especially if the temperature in the room is high.  Ronda will check and help her get in to check and oil if necessary

Treasurer, Cheryl – Sandy moved and Ronda seconded that Cheryl will make a general ledger entry to transfer all monies received for the spring luncheon to the holiday luncheon.  It anyone cannot attend; they will have funds reimbursed.

Cheryl still plans to set up a nominating committee for next year and will coordinate the installation of new officers at the Holiday Luncheon, Dec 14. 

Vice President, Marka – Holiday luncheon will be December 14.  She will choose from the menu meals that will carry the same $15 cost and an email will be sent to attendees asking them to choose the meal that they would like.  Anyone who was not registered for the spring luncheon but wants to attend the Holiday luncheon can register at that time.  Anyone who has already paid, but cannot attend the Holiday luncheon can receive a reimbursement.   

Education, Sandy – Will start looking at plans for classes– Wool Applique, Wonky Trees, and others.  She will wait to learn when the building will open and what restrictions will be in place, before scheduling. 

Christa Watson was scheduled to present at spring luncheon.  Sandy will see if she could present at the holiday luncheon instead. 
New Business:  

 Patsy suggested and others agreed that we should celebrate the sewing of masks made, baby blankets made and other charity donations sewn during the quarantine period,  at our first meeting back.  Patsy will contact Chris Booth to coordinate. 

 Cards for donations for the masks will not be sent, other than for one very large donation. 

  Ronda suggested we think about how to handle the opening of the room should the CAC establish rules.  Possibility of limiting to 10 people at a time, etc.  Possibly need for scheduling the people in the room just like we schedule the use of the long arm machine. 

 Linda brought up the issue of ticket sales for this year’s opportunity quilt, suggesting the possibility of selling them online, since most of the opportunities for selling tickets are no longer possible.  Ronda will pick up the actual tickets.   She will get together with Linda and determine how they will be advertised and sold using the website.  Linda will advertise on the PebbleCreek Facebook page as well as other places. 

Respectfully submitted

Carol Moonan, Secretary