PebbleCreek Quilters

Board Meeting April 1, 2019 

Jean Fry, Marka Locker, Teri Burnett, JoEllen Cruze, Cheryl Skummer, Kathy Brown, Marlene Kuskie, Ronda Jones, Lynn Hupp

Linda Rowe, JoEllen Cruz, Liz Gray, Cynthia Schwartz


CALL TO ORDER:  Jean Fry called the meeting to order at 10:00 am.

The March 2019 Board meeting minutes stand approved as posted. 

President: Jean Fry
We bought an Accu-cut at Saturday’s trash to treasure.
Pat Jensen used our quilt frame for their Wisconsin party, and it worked well for them.

Vice-President:  Marka Locker
89 are signed up for Spring Luncheon.  Deadline to make reservations is April 4. It will be in the Chianti room.

Secretary:   Teri Burnett

I will need someone to take minutes for me at the April General Meeting.  We are moving Bob’s mom to Denver that week.

Treasurer:  Cheryl Skummer:
Checking:  $8,799.83
Longarm Savings:  $7,205.29
Petty Cash:  $50.00
Balance:  $16,055.12

Programs and Education: Kathy Brown
April 2nd, Cathy Howell, Sew Together tote.  Class is full with a wait list.
April 3 – Pam Branfurh, Iron Caddy Jr.
April 8th, Sew Fun, project bag w/clear vinyl, Marlene Kuskie 4:15 – 8 pm
May – Jean Fry – Wreath table topper
Quilting 101 - Carole Schumacher will teach it.  First class probably in August.
Accu-Cut Class? 
Group discussed issue of class no-shows.  Kathy reported there is no trend.  If a trend is noted she will address it.

Community Service: Donna Aybar: 

April date, Cathy and Judy will be out of town.  We will work on any community service project. 
Charity sew day is 3rd Friday of every month.  Snacks are being provided and appreciated by volunteers.
Quilts 49 donated.  179 total items.
Check for donation from Barbara Van Trump’s Friend of quilting supplies.  $69.  

Opportunity Quilt:
“Opportunity” is the word to get a chance to win a quilt. 

Long Arm: Roberta Penchina

Publicity: Marlene Kuskie:
Articles are being contributed.  She is contributing two per month right now.  Summer, it may be only one. 

Sales: JoEllen Cruze

Full cabinet of stuff to sell, but mostly Holiday.  The store said that the front window will be all about sports.  They are asking for any donations to sell.  Mesh bags would be good. 

Social: Linda Rowe, Karen Rubsam:
Nice turn out for the gadget gab.  Next thing is the luncheon.  We are ready door prizes and decorations. 
Welcome back in Fall – Party in October. 
Embroidery machine group would like to see a group focusing on machine applique.
Arlene Simpson would like to have a home sew group.

Home Quilters’ Studio Tour: 

Librarian: Liz Gray

We have gone through the books.  The Second cupboard will be free to take.  Dates will be open early in April, so that you can come look and take what you want.

Anything you have, send in to Ronda.

Display Window: Cynthia Schwartz:
Discussion about the windows and donations and what dates are the responsibility of our group.


Veteran’s Appreciation Quilts:
Cynthia Scwartz: 
Patty at the Activity Center will set up the ticket process. 
Vote:  Budget to separate out for Veteran’s Quilts.  Take $500 from Miscellaneous, and $250 from Special Projects to have its own line item.  Approved unanimously by voting members. 

World War I Quilt: Linda Rowe, Karen Rubam:
Donna had talked to the life long learning, and members that saw that would like to see it displayed here at Pebble Creek. 
Could we start a photo page on the website showing the Veteran’s Appreciation photos?

Documentation: No report 

Challenge quilt:
Kathleen O’Connell will give out information at the Spring Luncheon. 



Lynn Hupp moved to adjourn.  Cheryl Skummer seconded the motion.  
Jean Fry adjourned the meeting at 11:00am.

Respectfully Submitted
Teri Burnett, Secretary