PebbleCreek Quilters


There is always a need to serve our community, so we continually have projects going on.  We enjoy taking on projects so that we can better serve our community.

Sizes:   60 x 75 Lap Size - All Colors
As of October 2015 quilts are being delivered to the Hospice at 9720 W. Peoria Ave. due to the Goodyear location being temporarily closed.   
This care unit had 10 beds in eight private and one semi-private room, decorated in warm and comfortable furnishings.  It opened in 2006.  Majority of patients are on Medicare.

Sizes:  36 x 45  or 45 x 60  Made of Bright Colors
Southwest FAC is a multidisciplinary facility developed and funded by the police department of three municipalities: Avondale, Buckeye and Goodyear.  It's purpose is to provide quality investigations of abuse in the most sensitive, appropriate manner to crime victims.  Children visiting the center are from talking age to 17 years of age.  However, the majority of the children are from 6 to 9 years of age.  Each child leaves the facility with a quilt.

Flannel Baby Receiving Blankets
 Abrazo Hospital  
These flannel quilts will be given to indigent women/families who do not have anything for their new babies.
The size will be 36 x 42.

Colorful, girly quilts that are over-sized lap or twin size.
Size of 70 x 60 please (twin size)
Natalie's House has 5 girls at a time who have been severely sexually and physically abused. These girls are ages 11 to 17. 
We will deliver 10 quilts on the first delivery so that the 5 there each has a quilt and then they have 5 in reserve. 

 Ryan House. 
Size 45 x 60 - Bright Colors
It is a Hospice for children,  located in Central Phoenix. It is the only Hospice for children from birth to age 16 in the Valley.  It is totally funded by donations as insurances don't cover hospice care for children. 

PC Pet Companion Club effective 2-7-2020

The collection of scraps in the room has once again become  unmanageable. Therefore, starting immediately, please help out:
Take a dog bed cover located under the largest cubicle.  It has a sign indicating this is the location for Dog Bed covers. 
Cut your own scraps so they are no bigger than 4 inches by 4 inches. Place inside the Dog Bed cover.
Fill the Dog Bed cover to the point that it would be comfortable for a dog.  (Not too full but just right.)
Sew the cover closed when filled to a comfortable level.
Bring the completed bed to the room for distribution.
Put them on the chair rack.
We thank you for your cooperation and performing a nice task by keeping your scraps out of the land fill and giving a needy dog a bed.
Patsy Wager and Mary Hill
Community Service Chairs

These pillows are provided to a PebbleCreek support group for Breast Cancer.
​​ Nov. 2nd, 2016 the club added the charity of Bosom Buddies to our list of charities to support.  This is an organization that supplies breast cancer pillows to many hospitals and other locations, including the Cancer Center of America located in Goodyear. 
They will provide material, batting, and all other items needed.  Volunteers will meet about once every three months to make pillows.