PebbleCreek Quilters


1. All members of a PebbleCreek approved club are expected to follow the direction of the duly elected officers (President, Treasurer, Secretary) of the club or their appointed representative (s) in an orderly manner at all functions of the club.

2. The officers of a club have the right to deny a member from participating in a club function or activity if they feel that their participation would adversely affects the other members of the club or organization.

3. The officers or their representative (s) may request  a member to  leave a function or activity if the participant(s) has on more than one occasion refused to follow directions  or who is disruptive, disrespectful of the officers, their representative (s) or other member of the club or organization. The offender (s) is subject to disciplinary action.

1. If the offending member (s) does not leave when requested the PebbleCreek Patrol will be called.

2. The member(s) maybe refused participation in club function or meetings for  30 days.

3. A second infraction will result in expulsion from the club or organization with a unanimous vote of the club’s board. The offender has the right to request a hearing in front of the club’s officers and may request a spokesperson (the spokesperson must be a member of the club in good standing).

4. The offender may, if they wish, appeal to the PebbleCreek HOA Board. The Board has the right not to hear the appeal.