PebbleCreek Quilters

December 12, 2016 

Board Members Present: Linda Labenz, Chris Booth, Barb Van Trump, Iris Weise, Joanne Kraatz, Linda Shaver, Linda Publicover, Liz Gray, Pam Branfuhr, Joni Reynertson, Donna Aybar, Shirley Cushing, Sue Godwin and Jean Fry, Emeritus . 

Also present: Webmaster-Ronda Jones, Challenge Coordinator-Kathleen O'Connell and Documentation Projects-Donna Wisnoski. 

Our meeting was called to order at 11:49 by President, Linda Labenz.  She welcomed new members Irene Lukes, Cheryl Skummer, Carole Schumacher, JoAnne Clements, Sue Hills, Kathleen Tyryfter, Karen Ludwig, Diane Dill, Cindy Wiest, Kathy Perkins, Helen Groves, Arlene Simpson and Nadine Eder. 

Visitors: Rich Cabral’s wife, Cathy. 

Rich Cabral moved the Minutes of November 14, 2016, Business Meeting be accepted;       Cathy Howell seconded.  Approved by members. 

Reports of Standing Committees: 

President:  Thanks everyone for a great year!
Remember dues are due January 1($20). 

Treasurer: There is $14,512.95 in our treasury. 

Programs:  Quilting 101 begins January 5, running 6 weeks.  Barb Maurer reported that she has 20 volunteers helping with classes.  Sign-up is full but we are taking names for a waiting list.
A lecture by Linda Publicover will be on January 15 at 2pm in the quilt room.
If you have ideas for projects please contact Linda Shaver.
This year we will be doing a Skill Builder Class monthly.  This will generally be held on the 4th Tuesday of each month.   The first class will be on January 31st from 10-2.

Community Service: Two hundred twenty-one quilts were given away so far in 2017. 
New Life Center received 36 Zippy Strippy baggs. Also made this year 41 pillowcases, 10 burp clothes, 4 snap bags and 28 receiving blankets.
So far this year $932.90 has been spent on batting
The "Gravity" quilt is progressing and when finished will be presented to Crisis Pregnancy Center. 

Long arm:  Joanne Kraatz reported that so far this year 113 personal quilts and 174 charity quilts have been quilted on the long arm. 

Publicity:   Millissa Masters reports that the raffle quilt total sales was $2,784. 

Documentation:  Donna Wisnowski with be holding documentation days starting January 13th and the second Friday of each month thereafter.  See Donna if you would like some quilts documented or would like to help on this. 

Challenge Project:  Kathleen O'Connell will display the challenge quilts in March.  The challenge is to use Circles, Curves and Color in solids.  Maximum size is 30" by 30" 

Unfinished Business
:   The 2017 Opportunity Quilt is done and will be revealed in January.
Opportunity Quilt 2016 was won by Jane Bacon. 

New Business:  Election of new officers took place.  Our new board is:

President: Chris Booth
Vice-president: Iris Weise
Secretary: Helen Phillips
Treasurer: Jo Ellen Cruze
Publicity: Karen Bogadi
Community Service: Donna Aybar & Judy Frank
 Programs: Linda Shaver & Pam Murphy
Long Arm: Linda Publicover & Mary Coombs, summer fill-ins will be Joanne Kraatz &  Erma Taylor
Sales:  Pam Branfuhr
Social:  Mary Sheldon
Library:  Shirley Cushing
Historian:  Liz Gray
Window Display:  Liz Gray
Webmaster:  Ronda Jones 

The next board meeting will be January 3rd.
The next General meeting will be January 9th. 

Linda was presented a cookbook with recipes from many members along with several other things. 

For the good of the guild:  Kim Lagerstom's cancer has progressed
Kristina Snyder is in the hospital with an infection.
Maureen Pugsley was just diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer.
Edna DeFord’s husband has been ill.

Linda Labenz moved the meeting be adjourned,     Iris Weise seconded.  Members approved. 

Respectfully Submitted
By Barbara Van Trump