PebbleCreek Quilters

Board Meeting Dec. 2, 2019

Jean Fry, Cheryl Skummer, Teri Burnett, Ronda Jones, Roberta Penchina, Linda Publicover, Judy Frank, Marka Locker
COMMITTEE CHAIRS PRESENT:  Linda Rowe, Cynthia Schwartz
Emeritus:  Donna Aybar

CALL TO ORDER:  Jean Fry called the meeting to order at 8:55 am.
November Minutes approved as submitted.

President: Jean Fry

Holiday Luncheon, 111 people signed up. 

Secretary:  No report:

Checking account:  $10,710.66
Long arm savings:  $8,006.81
Petty cash:  $50
Balance:  $18,767.47

Programs and Education:  No report

Community Service: Judy Frank
 5 quilts have been sold.  192 quilts have been donated to date.  469 total items to date. 

Opportunity Quilt:
“Opportunity” is the word to get a chance to win a quilt. 
We are looking for someone to quilt the 2020 Opportunity Quilt.
Marka and Carole are considering organizing to spearhead the 2021 Opportunity quilt design and construction of the quilt top.  We would still need to draft a quilter and committee when time.

Long Arm: Linda Publicobver
Linda’s husband has fixed the bobbin winder. 

Publicity:  Lynne Hupp/Marlene Kuskie.
No report.  Marlene Kuskie is going to take care of the January submission.

Sales: No report.

Social: Linda Rowe
Holiday party is on track.

Librarian: No report.
Web Master: No report. 

Anything you have, send in to Ronda. Any kind of event, please remember to take pictures so that we have a record and send them to Ronda. 

Display Window:
Cynthia Schwartz will help with getting the window set up.

Veteran’s Appreciation Quilts: Cynthia Schwartz
We have already filled up for 20 people this next year.  We are starting to take reservations for 2021.  We will put out some guidelines for the quilt. 

Donna is going to continue doing documentation.  It has slowed down some and she will let us know about dates. 

Challenge quilt: No report.


None reported.

Pickleball tournament is giving the gallery a table for selling valentine things from quilters. 

Next board meeting will be Jan. 6, 2020 from 9-11.
General Meeting is Jan. 13,2020.

The quilt show for March:  Co-chairs: Barb Maurer/Ronda
Theme:  Pebble Creeks’ Art of Quilting
March 20 (Clean up and take in) 21 (Set up) 22 (Show)  10-4 pm
People can bring 1-3 quilts.  From last two years, or something not shown from last show.
All sizes and accessories.
Marka Locker
Kathleen O’Connell
Linda Shaver and Liz Gray – Art Quilts
Chris Booth and Mary Sheldon – Vintage, Applique, Hand-pieced, Hand quilted
Nancy Hoth - Traditional
Marlene Kuskie - Modern
Karen Bogadi – Did the trunk show last time.  Know what to plan for if doing this.  Asked Rug Hookers to hook that day?
Linda Rowe – Publicity
January meeting:  Hand out entries.
February meeting:  Entries due in.  Check to make sure that we have enough for each room.  Job sheets will be ready.
March meeting:  Sign up check.  Drying racks or quilt frames request. 
(Tickets will be for sale for the opportunity quilt at the show.) 

Donna Aybar:  Possible scissor sharpening?  Sewing Asylum has a scissor sharpener at their business for Black Friday.  He would be willing to come here to sharpen our scissors.  Turning info over to the next year’s board. 

2020 Board Proposed:
President:  Ronda Jones
VP – Marka Locker
Treasurer:  Cheryl Skummer
Secretary:  Carol Moonan
Community Service:  Patsy Wagner/Mary Hill Co–Chairman
Education:  Sandy Crabtree
Publicity: Linda Rowe
Long Arm:  Roberta Penchina – Chairman,  Linda Publicover, Irene Lukes, Erma Taylor 

Standing Committees:
Sales:  JoEllen Cruze
Historian/Website:  Ronda Jones
Emeritus:  Jean Fry 

Judy Frank moved to adjourn.  Cheryl Skumer seconded the motion.  
All in favor.
Jean adjourned the meeting at 9:50 am.

Respectfully Submitted
Teri Burnett, Secretary