PebbleCreek Quilters

February 6, 2017 

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Chris Booth, Iris Weise, Helen Phillips, JoEllen Cruze, Karen Bogadi, Donna Aybar, Judy Frank, Linda Shaver, Pam Murphy, Mary Coombs, Pam Branfuhr, and Mary Sheldon.
Also present:  Webmaster Ronda Jones, and Nancy Treece, Emeritus

Chris Booth called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.  The January 3, 2017 board meeting minutes stand as posted. 


President:  Chris Booth reported on several updates to equipment in the room, including recovered ironing boards, re-stretched design wall, and scrap fabric bins.  New locks were installed on the long arm cabinets and the combination for the locks on those cabinets is 623.  Several display quilts above the cabinets have been sold.  Red, white, and blue quilts will be put up for display to replace those that were sold.   

Vice President:  Iris Weise reported the membership form has been revised.  Packets containing the membership form, waiver, and introductory letter will put in a new display container to be mounted on the wall above the counter. 

Secretary:  Helen Phillips reported a sympathy card has been sent to Sue Whaples whose sister recently passed away.

Treasurer:  JoEllen Cruze reported there is $14,106.03 in the treasury. 

Programs/Education:  Linda Shaver gave a report on the January activities including:

(1) the five sessions of Quilting 101; (2) the January 10 demonstration before the general business meeting on the wing needle by Linda Shaver and perfect press hemming by Pam Murphy; (3) the January 15 presentation by Linda Publicover on the things you need to know; (4) the January 27 Big Round Bag class by Pam Branfuhr; and (5) the January 31 Skill Builder class by Millissa Masters and Cathy Howell. 

Pam Murphy and Linda Shaver led the first meeting of The Modern Group on February 3. This meeting covered exaggerated scale.  The group will meet the first Friday of each month.  The March meeting will be led by Susan Wendt regarding minimalism.  Group is open to additional members. 

The Farmer’s Wife information meeting will be held on February 9 at 4 p.m., and their first workshop will be on February 23 at 12:30 p.m. 

At the February 13 general meeting, Darlene Walker will be doing a demonstration at 6:30 p.m. on making a hexi from a circle and Donna Aybar will be doing a demonstration on gift tags.  During the general meeting, Ronda Jones will be giving a presentation on using our website.

On February 28, Linda Labenz will conduct a skill builder class. 

Community Service:  Donna Aybar reported that additional batting has been purchased.  In January, 75 breast cancer pillows were delivered to Bosom Buddies and we have 62 pillows on hand.  Bosom Buddies stated they will be providing all the materials for future breast cancer pillows. 

Receiving blankets for Abrazo will be made at the community service project scheduled for February 7. 

On February 18, shopping bags will be made with the use of sergers. The Sewing Club will be working with us on this project.  

The March 11 community service sewing day will be a sewing bee.  Wendy Gilbert has donated 5 quilt tops that she has cut out, but not sewn. 

We will be displaying aprons in the small display window during the month of March.  There will be an apron sewing class on April 4. 

Long Arm:  Mary Coombs reported the long arm was used in January for 11 personal quilts and 10 charity quilts.   The long arm procedures are being revised and will be posted. 

Those wishing to be certified or re-certified on the long arm should first contact Linda Publicover or Mary Coombs.  “Summer helpers” on the website will be changed to “additional certifiers.” 

It was also noted that doors and cabinets have been found to be unlocked when the room is empty. This will be brought to the members attention. 

Publicity:  Karen Bogadi reported there was $406 in tickets sales for the opportunity quilt on February 4.  There will be a sign-up sheet circulated at the February 13 general meeting for the parking lot sale later in February. 

Social:  Mary Sheldon reported 25 have signed up for the social scheduled for 4:15 p.m. today. 

Librarian:  No report. 

Sales:  There were no sales in the Gallery during the month of January.  Pam Branfuhr stated we are in need of placemats and napkins to be put in the Gallery.  Members should use the donated fabric in the cabinets. 

Historian:  No report. 

Webmaster:  Ronda stated there were in excess of 3,800 clicks on our website during the month of January.  She also requested members provide her with photos of baby quilts made by members showing the quilt, quilter and/or child. 

Display Window:  The challenge quilts will displayed in the two large display cases in March and aprons will be displayed in the small display case. 


Quilt Show:  No report 

Quilting 101:  The final Quilting 101 class is scheduled for February 9.  A follow-up class will be held the following Thursday to help those who have not completed their projects. 

Challenge Quilt:  No report. 

Documentation:  There were 19 quilts documented on January 13.  The next documentation is scheduled for February 10.   Additional labels have been ordered. 


Audit:  Pam Branfuhr completed the audit of the 2016 books, found them to be in order, and submitted her report. 

Gravity Quilt:  The gravity quilt will be presented to the Crisis Pregnancy Center at the April luncheon.  Ronda Jones moved we invite and pay for the luncheon for three officers of the Crisis Pregnancy Center.  Iris Weise seconded the motion and it carried. 


Donna Aybar reported that patriotic quilts are going to be displayed above the cabinets until the Chinese coin quilts are ready for display.

Doggie scraps will be stored in the white cutting table. 

A member has requested that we consider donating one of our quilts to the Arizona Quilt Guild.  Pam Branfuhr moved we donate a quilt to the AQG for auction at their March show.  Donna Aybar seconded the motion and it carried.

Ronda Jones moved we give a special $100 thank you gift to Cheryl McGovern and a special $100 thank you gift to Donna Cousino for their work on the 2017 Opportunity Quilt.  Iris Weise seconded the motion and it carried. 

Helen Phillips moved the meeting be adjourned, Donna Aybar seconded, and the meeting adjourned at 10:30 a.m. 

General Business meeting will be at 7 p.m. on February 13 in the Art Room. 

Next Board meeting will be at 9 a.m. on March 6. 

Respectfully submitted
By Helen Phillips


February 6, 2017 

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Chris Booth, Iris Weise, Helen Phillips, JoEllen Cruze, Karen Bogadi, Donna Aybar, Linda Shaver, Pam Murphy, Mary Coombs. 

Also present:  Webmaster Ronda Jones 

Chris Booth called the special meeting to order at 10:40 a.m.  This special meeting was called for the purpose of reviewing the Bylaws of the Pebblecreek Quilters effective as of March 1, 2013, and last revised in November 2014. 

After review of the Bylaws and discussion, the Board agreed to submit proposed revisions to said Bylaws to the members for approval.  Ronda Jones will prepare the proposed revised Bylaws.

Helen Phillips moved the meeting be adjourned, Donna Aybar seconded, and the meeting adjourned at 11:35 a.m. 

Respectfully submitted
By Helen Phillips