PebbleCreek Quilters

Board Meeting February 3, 2020 

Board Members: Ronda Jones, Marka Locker, Carol Moonan, Cheryl Skummer, Linda Rowe, Mary Hill, Sandy Crabtree, Roberta Penchina
Committee Chairs: Linda Publicover, Donna Aybar, Chris Booth, Carole Schumacher
Others:  Jean Fry, Emeritus; Maura Weddle, Window Committee, Nancy Muramoto, Charity Team. 

President Ronda Jones called meeting to order at 9:00am.  Ronda reminded us to silence phones.
No corrections were noted to January’s Board meeting so they stand approved as posted.

New Hope New Life - Donna Aybar:  Needs a coordinator for the proposed program with our members teaching basic sewing skills to residents.  Many supplies already collected.  Requirements for coordinator:  Security clearance, plan a program for basic sewing and hand repair skills.  Linda Publiover volunteered to share the position of coordinator if there is still interest. 
After discussion, Cheryl Skummer made a motion and Carole Schumacher seconded that we disband the New Life Center’s program and donate the $500 funds previously earmarked for the center, to the WWI Quilt Display Project.  The supplies will be offered to the New Life Center and if not wanted, will be used in Trash to Treasures

 February 22nd, Rug Hookers will be using the room all day.
 Cabinet 22 cleaning was done on 1-23-2020 

Vice-President, Marka Locker - Spring Luncheon:  We are moved into the ballroom due to projected large numbers and our speaker.  Luncheon will be April 13, Ballroom 1 and 2.  Set up at 10, Luncheon starts at 11:30.  Krista Watson, speaker will be picked up by Sandy Crabtree.  Will also collect food donations.  Mary Hill requested a table be available for Adopt a Quilt kits to be picked up.  Cynthia Schwartz ordered more cards to be used as place cards showing menu choice.  

Treasurer, Cheryl Skummer:  The 2020 Budget is posted on website. 
  Peggy Fegler, member volunteered to audit the books. 
Checking account: $ 6922.62
Savings account:      8207.23
Petty Cash:                  50.00
Total:                    15,179.85
Cabinet 22 has been updated with folders for checks to pick up, request a check and new member materials.  Cheryl will show these folders at the next General meeting. 

Secretary, Carol Moonan: Cards will continue to be sent out for illness, death in the family, or need for recognition.  We will get cards printed with club logo.  Ronda will add a field on the website for members to request a card for someone, after checking that they are in agreement that their situation can be shared.  

Education: Sandy Crabtree: 
 Quilting 101 going well, students are excited.  Will be sharing finished quilts.
 Donna Aybar teaching Mom and Me Apron
 Binding Class, Sat Feb 8 still on from 9:30-1:30  – Desert Festival also is Saturday 2-8
Feb 12-14 Pickle ball Tournament here.  Selling Opportunity Quilt Tickets. 
Chris Booth Feb 24, Spool block offered during Monday evening sew. 
Lynn Hupp, Camden Bag, March 3 and March 10. 
Wendy Gilbert and Kathy Howe:   Wonky Trees, March 17 & 28.    
Karen McCarty, Applipiecing Trunk Show at March 9 meeting,  Sat March 14, Applipiecing Class:   Charge is $35/person.     Club would cover the extra 20% required to go to HOA.    Limited to 15 students.  $4 supply fee
Let Ronda know if you need to cancel for a class.  She maintains the waiting list.   

Community Service:  Mary Hill for Patsy Wagner.   
 Feb 15, Adopt a Quilt Day.
Will have kits available to adopt at each meeting
Binding needed for quilts in closet?  She will check. 
Some extra fabric that has been donated and not used may be sold at Trash to Treasures to benefit the club.
Rotary cutter blades need to be replaced so no dull blades are used on the good mats.  Discussed – having a container to put rotary cutters in a “replace blade” container and someone from the committee to regularly replace, with putting the old ones in a sharp safe container.  Eliminate large and small cutters (donate to trash to treasures), only use 45mm blades. 
Discussed need for large white /clear cutting mats on folding tables.  Mostly only used when cutting batting.  Some could be rolled and stored? 
Possibly use new, specialized cutting mats from Rusty Barn?    

Long Arm, Roberta Penchina: 
 Pantographs are not being put back correctly.  One is missing without being signed out.  Ronda will send out reminder. 
Considering a review class to offer members updates on Longarm. 

Publicity and WWI Quilt, Linda Rowe: 
 Sent quilt show info to 4 newspapers and 21 Quilt Shops
Will send to all Robson communities
Logo going on bookmarks and flyers ($165.19), and banner ($100.50).  Kyle Booth will digitize logo for us. 
WWI Quilt Display Project total cost will be $1465.00.   This includes UV and Non-glare plexiglass.  Installed in mid-May, Considering dedication on Memorial Day?  

Standing Committees:
 Social, Chris Booth - Monday Feb 24, Asking for sign ups for Spool Quilt.
Window Committee, Maura Weddle:  Rughookers have window in February, Quilters in March.  Will share theme idea soon. 

Unfinished Business:
Person to be in charge of 2020 OP quilt- we have 6 ladies ready to sell tickets at the Pickle Ball Tournament on Feb. 12 & 13th.
Feb 12:  10:30 – 12:00:  Debbie Arsenault
             12:30 – 2:00:  Cindy Santoro and Marlene Kuskie
Feb 13:  10:30 – 12:30:  Helen Phillips and Rosemary Stoker
              12:30 – 2:00:  Linda Rowe
 Ronda will set up and take down each day.  Price for Opportunity Quilt tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5 or 30 for $20 

New Business:
 Need to Purchase a new large quilt stand.  Linda Publicover found one meeting the criteria desired.   $70 through Amazon  Carole Schumacher moved that we purchase this new stand, seconded by Sandy Crabtree.  Approved.  Ronda will purchase through Amazon.  

 Marka Locker – Sewing Room Rulers – Problem with rulers slipping – need backing?  Purchase several “Quilter’s Select” rulers for the sizes most used.  Need someone to coordinate equipment used in the room?  Also irons, covers for ironing boards

 Ronda read a letter from the Creative Arts Council:  Open House was a Huge Success!  Thank you to those who were working in the room. 
 Husqvarna Daisy Embroidery Machine in closet.  About 20 years old.  Also thread and supplies.  What to do? 
 Quilters Studio Tour is set for 2021. 
 Nominating Committee per Cheryl.  She will report for March meeting.  

 2021 Opportunity Quilt, Marka Locker and Carol Moonan:  Sewing Dates for 2021:  Feb 19 and March 25, 9am -12noon.  All fabric is cut and ready to sew blocks.  

Next General Meeting – Feb. 10 in the ballroom
Next Board meeting – March 2nd
Motion to adjourn by Sandy Crabtree, seconded by Cheryl Skummer. Ronda Jones adjourned the meeting at 10:15am 

Respectfully submitted,
Carol Moonan