PebbleCreek Quilters

PebbleCreek Quilters
General Meeting 2-10-2020
Attendance:  87

Ronda Jones called the Meeting to Order at 7pm.  Members were reminded to silence their phones. 

New Members and Guests stood and introduced themselves, including Dawn Harvey, Lorene Greer, Carol McKenna, Nancy Lubrick and Linda Ferguson.

Quilting 101 students showed their quilts with their mentors.  Carole Schumacher presented all students with a certificate. 

There were no corrections to the January General Meeting Minutes so they stand as posted on the website. 

President Announcements

 1. We are still looking for someone to be in charge of the 2020 opportunity quilt. finding locations to display and sell tickets and recruiting volunteers to help with ticket sales throughout the year.
2. Secretary – Cards will be sent out for occasions and as a thank you for donations, when requested on the website.  A new tab will soon be added to request a card.   

3.  Treasurer Report effective 1-31-2020
Checking:                    $ 6,922.62
Longarm Savings:        $ 8,207.23
Petty Cash:                  $      50.00
Balance:                      $15,179.85
New file folders are in cabinet 22 to request and pick up checks. 
 4. Education/ Programs Report:  Sandy Crabtree encourages everyone to check the website for future classes.
 5. Community Service: Patsy Wagner:  This Saturday at 9am is community service sew day.  Adopt a Quilt has 41 kits to sew.  They will also offer kits at General Meetings for anyone interested in working on a quilt at home for charity. 
6.  Longarm, Roberta Penchina:  Pantographs should be returned where they belong.  If you borrow one, they should be signed out.  If you are donating one, let her know and it will be worked into the system.  Please keep cabinets neat! 
7.  The New Hope at New Life program has been disbanded due to lack of leadership for the program.  Carole Schumacher, who had donated funds for the program has agreed to place those funds towards the cost of the display of the WWI quilt in the CAC. 

New Business:

1,  2021 Opportunity Quilt – Carol Moonan & Marka Locker.   Sew Day will be Wed Feb 19, 9-12 and if needed, Wed March 25.  All pieces are cut, come and join in making the blocks.
2.  Quilt Show – Barb Maurer:  As of today, only half the number of desired quilts have been registered.  They will be open until the end of the month.  Forms are available to register them and also can be done on line.  Looking for workers for set up and clean up.  Sign up on clipboards that are circulating. 
3. Challenge Quilts, Kathleen –will be collecting them Feb 28 from 12:30 – 4.  They will be hung in two large display cases.  Be sure your name is on the quilt as well as the Quilt Name.  Needs 4 people to help hang the quilts.  Tall people are especially desirable.
4. Liz Gray and Mary Shelton are Equipment managers.  They will handle rotary blade replacement, etc in the sewing room in CAC.  More information coming. 
5. Wendy Gilbert, Retreat:  Mt. Claric, those attending should meet at the end of this meeting. 
6. March 7, Parking Lot Sale.  We can sell quilt tickets inside the CAC Building from 9-11.  Need 2 people.  See Ronda. 
 7. Pickle Ball Tournament: Feb 12-14.  We have volunteers to sell opportunity tickets.
8. Our highlight this month is the website.  Ronda gave a very thorough demonstration of how to find what you need on the website. 

Next General Meeting will be March 9th in the ballroom.

Pam Branfuhr and Patsy Wagner made and seconded the motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:47. 

Show and Tell commenced, having 3 holders on the stage and quilters remaining on the floor, speaking in the mic.  Those in attendance approved of this new, process! 

Respectfully submitted,
Carol Moonan