PebbleCreek Quilters

January 8, 2018 

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Chris Booth, Jean Fry, Helen Phillips, JoEllen Cruze, Marlene Kuskie, Donna Aybar, Judy Frank, Kathy Brown, Sandy Crabtree, Linda Publicover, Mary Sheldon, Liz Gray, Cathy Howell, and Wendy Gilbert 

COMMITTEE MEMBERS PRESENT:  Irene Lukes, Millissa Masters, and Barb Maurer

Also present:  Webmaster Ronda Jones, and Linda Shaver, Emeritus 

Chris Booth called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  The December 18, 2017 general meeting minutes stand approved as posted. 


President:  Chris Booth introduced the 2018 Board and Committee members.  Guests and new members were introduced and welcomed.

Vice President:  Jean Fry announced the Spring Luncheon would be held on April 16.

Secretary:  No report. 

Treasurer:  JoEllen Cruze stated the current balance is $15,045.  Treasurer’s report is available on the website. 

Chris Booth stated the 2018 budget has been posted on the website.  Members were reminded their 2018 dues would need to be made before the end of January to remain on the email list. 

Programs/Education:  Kathy Brown reported Sue Whaples and Pam Branfuhr will be teaching a “Diva Wallet” class on January 27, beginning at 9:00 a.m.  Wallet clasps have been purchased for the class. 

Community Service:  Donna Aybar reported a community service project was held on January 6, “adopt a quilt.”  Sixty kits were prepared and 45 were adopted.  There are 15 kits still available for adoption.  This is a challenge project and completed quilts will be displayed at the December luncheon. 

A charity sewing day is planned for February 17 where members will make “memory care fiddle vests.” 

Long Arm:  Linda Publicover stated the display on the long arm has been repaired. 

Publicity:  Marlene Kuskie stated publicity is being prepared for the March 18 quilt show. 

Social:  No report.
Library:  No report.
Sales:  No report.
History:  No report.

Display Window:  Wendy Gilbert asked members to contact her if they have any quilts with books available for the display window.  

Webmaster:  Chris Booth mentioned if members have items to be added to the website they should send an email to Ronda Jones. 


2018 Opportunity Quilt:  Jean Fry and Cindy Santoro presented the 2018 Opportunity Quilt, “Dresdan Kaleidoscope.”  Chris Booth thanked Jean Fry for piecing the quilt top, Cindy Santoro for the quilting, Helen Phillips for the binding, Cathy Howell for adding the sleeve, and all members who worked on the quilt.  A volunteer is needed to oversee quilt display and ticket sales. 

Quilt Show:  Barb Maurer and Millissa Masters reported on status of plans for the 2018 Quilt Show to be held on March 18, 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Voting prior to the meeting took place and the name selected for the quilt show is “Art of the Quilt.”  Set up for the show will be on March 17.  Quilts are to be delivered by members beginning at noon on March 17.  Forms have been distributed to the members and are also available on the website for items to be displayed.  Forms are to be turned in by February 12.  Each member may display up to three items.  Volunteers are still needed for the show. 

The quilt show will be open to the public, and no fee will be charged to attend.  The Gallery will be open during the quilt show and any sales will be made through the Gallery.  Any questions should be directed to Barb Maurer or Millissa Masters.

Challenge Quilt:  Chris Booth mentioned the log cabin challenge items will be needed by the end of February so they can be displayed in March. 

Documentation:  Donna Wisnoski reported quilts are scheduled to be documented on January 12.  Members should contact Donna Wisnoski if they have quilts to be documented. 


Donna Aybar reported the raffle at the December luncheon for Sue Godwin’s bear resulted in $200 being donated to Wounded Warriors in memory of Sue Godwin. 


Chris Booth reported the building is being re-keyed and new keys are being issued.  There will be 5 keys available in the future in the Gallery for members to check out.  If a member loses a key, there will be a $50 charge, and if a member loses a key a second time, that member will not be allowed to check out keys in the future. 

Sandy Crabtree mentioned there will be a pickle ball tournament on February 14, 15, and 16 and while the building will be open, parking will be limited. 

The next general meeting will be held on February 12, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. in the Coyote Room. 

Millissa Masters moved the meeting be adjourned, and Diane Lawrence seconded.  Members approved.

Respectfully submitted
By Helen Phillips