PebbleCreek Quilters

Pebble Creek Quilters
Annual General Meeting January 13, 2020

President Ronda Jones Called the Meeting to Order at 7pm, and reminded all to silence their phones.   84 Members attending plus 3 guests.

Pam Branfuhr made a motion and Donna Aybar seconded the motion to approve the December General Meeting Minutes as written.

President Ronda Jones announced that a member, Connie Steckler, has passed away.  We are asked to remember her family in prayers.   

President Ronda Jones explained the new process of holding the meeting, shortening the business section.    IT IS GOING TO BE VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU USE THE EMAIL AND THE WEBSITE – WE HAVE IT SO LET’S USE IT AND HAVE MORE FUN IN THE MEETINGS – send out small reports on the weekly emails such as any sales number from the gallery, dates of documentation – dates of Veterans Appreciation quilt workshops, reminder of the challenge quilts – items needed for the display window.

Treasurer’s Report
Checking account:  $8326.58
Long Arm Savings:  $8107.02
Petty Cash:  $50.00
Balance:  $16,483.60 

Education/ Programs
Each month we will spotlight one area of the club.  This month it is going to be Education/Programs.

Education Spotlight:  Sandy Crabtree reported the following:

 Q-101 is going well, headed by Carole Schumacher and mentors. 

 Linda Rowe taught 2 full session of the 3-D Christmas Tree class. Some completed trees were shown during Show and Tell. 

Kathy Brown will teach Interfacing Applique on Saturday, Feb 1, 1:30 – 4pm.  This is the technique only – not to complete a project.  Class is full, waitlist being taken.  Be sure to cancel if your plans change. 

Donna Aybar will teach Mom and Me Apron on Tuesday, Feb 4, 9:30 -4:30pm.

Helen Phillips will teach Binding Techniques on Saturday, Feb 8, 9:30 – 1:00pm

Kathy Brown has spearheaded Monday Night, “Sew Fun”, an opportunity to work on your own projects or to learn something new.  She is willing to share these nights if you have something to teach. 

Chris Booth will teach Spool Quilt on Monday, Feb 24, 4:00 – 8:00pm.

Wendy Gilbert and Cathy Howell will teach “Wonky Trees Table Runner”, a 2-day class.  Cut fabric on Tuesday, March 17, 10 – 12:00 noon, and Sew on Saturday, March 28, 9:30 – 4:30pm.  This will be the Chapter 3 of the 12 Days of Christmas. 

Sandy explained that the monthly projects do not all have to be “Christmas” projects.  They can celebrate any holiday.  Contact Sandy to teach a class. 

Chris Booth will teach a summer class.  Month to be determined – depending on when our cabinets will be replaced and room availability.
 You will be receiving a survey soon, asking for your ideas and preferences of future classes.  Be sure to respond! 

New Business: 

 Cynthia Schwartz announced this Saturday, January 18, 9:00 – 3:00pm will be a Sew Day for Veteran’s Appreciation Quilts.  Blocks will be cut out, and ready to sew and lunch will be provided.  Sign up on sheet passed.

Pam Branfuhr sent a sheet around for the Wednesday Sewing Group Members to sign-she needs their names.  This Wednesday will be a Sew Day for the Eagle Mountain School fundraiser.  She reminded everyone to use sharp rotary blades.  Dull blades damage the new cutting mats that were recently purchased. 

Barb Maurer discussed the Quilt Show and passed around sheets showing information needed to register quilts and the items needed to set up and display the quilts.  Each member is invited to enter at least one item, or up to 3, in addition to a Challenge Quilt.  However, each room/category can only accept up to 99 quilts/items.  When that number is reached, entries may be turned down.  She encouraged us to enter quilts using the website.  If you must use the paper forms, they will be available and should be turned in to cabinet #22. 

Jan Johnson introduced the beautiful WWI Quilt which was displayed on the rack at the front of the room.  This quilt was made by 27 club members in 2015, to honor the Centennial of WWI.  Linda Rowe explained a group of quilters have been working for the past year to find a permanent home to display this quilt.  They have received permission and are proposing it be displayed on the wall of the CAC, above the large window of The Gallery, in a custom-built display case. This would allow it to be visible and protected while being enjoyed by everyone who enters the CAC.  Linda Rowe made a motion that our Club spend up to $1200.00 to prepare a frame to display and mount this quilt, and an additional $50.00 for a plaque to explain it’s history.  Judy Frank seconded the motion.  The Club voted unanimously to approve this expenditure.   


 Be careful to check the room when leaving – all doors on cabinets and both exterior doors should be locked securely if you are the last to leave the room. 

January 19th – Open House in the CAC building – Need someone to register to use the long arm and someone to be in the room at various time to answer questions from guests.  You may bring your sewing machine and work during this time.

Someone is needed to be in charge of the 2020 Opportunity Quilt.  You would need to find locations to display the quilt and sell tickets, recruit volunteers to sell throughout the year.  Contact Chris Booth or Marka Locker.
 Pickle Ball Tournament will be Feb 12 – 14.  We need volunteers to sell opportunity quilt tickets.

The next General Meeting will be February 10 in the Ballroom. 
Pam Branfuhr moved to adjourn the meeting.  Linda Rowe seconded the motion.  All approved. 
Show and Tell followed on the stage.