PebbleCreek Quilters

Pebble Creek Quilters
Annual Board Meeting January 6, 2020 

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Ronda Jones, Cheryl Skummer,  Linda Publicover, Marka Locker,  Carol Moonan, Sandy Crabtree, Linda Rowe, Mary Hill (for Patsy Wagner)
COMMITTEE CHAIRS/ CO-CHAIRS PRESENT:  Cynthia Schwartz, Jo Ellen Cruze, Donna Wisnoski, Chris Booth, Carole Schumacher

CALL TO ORDER:  Ronda Jones called the meeting to order at 9  am.
Cheryl moved to approve the December board minutes, Sandy Crabtree seconded. 

President: Ronda Jones

  1.   Budget was discussed and will be submitted to board after adding income column for each item. 
  2.  General Meetings will be handled differently, with the goal of saving more time for Show and Tell.  Only those committees that have reports will be announced at a meeting.  Other announcements will be sent out electronically.  Get information to Ronda a week in advance for items needing to be announced.   

Vice-President, Marka Locker:
Secretary:  no report

Treasurer, Cheryl Skummer
Cheryl Skummer and new President Ronda Jones met at the bank on Thursday Jan. 2nd to make all changes to the club’s accounts to reflect the change of the new signatures on the accounts.
Need someone to audit our books.  Cheryl will file non-profit form with IRS. 
Checking account:  $8326.58
Long arm savings:  $8107.02
Petty cash:  $50
Balance:  $ 16,483.60

Programs and Education:  Sandy Crabtree and Carol Schumacher
 Quilting 101 started yesterday, 14 students.  Going very well. 
 Linda Rowe is teaching Christmas Tree Class in January, first part of the 12 Days of Christmas.  Plan to do a project each month.  February still open.
 February also will have a class on interfacing applique
 April is a tablerunner. 
 For future classes, it is OK for instructor to provide supplies (at a cost) if they wish. 

Community Service: Patsy Wagner/Mary Hill.  Starting new year, after all the donations reported last year.  

Opportunity Quilt 2020:  Being quilted by Linda Publicover and Roberta Penchina.  Still need someone to sell tickets. 
Opportunity Quilt 2021:  Marka Locker and Carol Moonan will coordinate.    

Long Arm: Linda Publicover – all going well. 

Publicity:  Linda Rowe.  WWI quilt will be dedicated at Quilt Show – working on a plexiglass frame inside Creative Arts Building.  Trying to get newspaper coverage for the dedication at quilt show.  The Woodworkers will (hopefully) help with the wooden frame but the Plexiglas will need to be purchased. 

Librarian:  Importance of reviewing the library regularly to keep items updated.  Keep patterns, but magazines can be given away. 

Web Master/Historian:  Ronda Jones

Veteran’s Appreciation Quilts: Cynthia Schwartz – Already have 20-25 nominations for quilts to be presented.  Would like to use batting from Community Service, with reimbursement, as we did last year.  Sew day is January 18, with kits available. 

Documentation, Donna Wisnoski:   January 10th  have 4 quilts.    Will not document in February, but will again in March. 

Quilt Show:  March 22 with work and set up March 20 and 21.  Art Club will be taking their show items out the back door on Saturday morning to set up in Chianti Room for their show, the same day. 

NEW BUSINESS / Items to Think About

 Reminder:  Make sure room is locked and all cabinets checked with you leave. 

 Need help with cleaning out of cabinets, starting in January, in preparation for removing everything when cabinets are replaced in July.
Checks can be picked up in the cabinet S22, but will not be delivered by Cheryl. 

Do we want a Quilter’s Studio Tour this year?  Next fall? Oct/Nov?   Ask for interest at the January meeting – maybe on off year of Quilt Show?

Trash to Treasures – maybe use some items removed from the cabinets for this year’s sale? 

Idea of “Spot Lighting” one area at each meeting.  January will be Education. 

Starting a Nominating Committee to work all year to prepare for next year’s election.  New board would be presented in October, vote would be in November, install at December meeting. 

Send out an electronic survey to determine interest in having specialty classes for more advanced techniques.  (This is for Advanced Beginners or anyone interested.  You may attend all classes or only those you are interested in, i.e. binding, specialty rulers)

Pickle Ball tournament is Feb 13-15.  We can have a table there to sell items for the gallery.  If Opportunity Quilt is ready, we would like to sell tickets there. 

Next board meeting will be Feb 3, 2020
General Meeting is Jan. 13,2020 in the Ballroom

 Chris Booth moved to adjourn.  Cheryl Skummer seconded the motion.  
All in favor.  Ronda adjourned the meeting at 10:35 am.

Respectfully Submitted
Carol Moonan, Secretary