PebbleCreek Quilters

PebbleCreek Quilters Board Meeting
July 16, 2020 

Ronda called the Zoom meeting to order at 2pm. 

Attending:  Marka Locker, Carol Moonan, Roberta Penchina, Linda Rowe, Ronda Jones, Patsy Wagner, Cheryl Skummer

 Ronda is planning to start cleaning and reorganizing the room this coming Tuesday, 9am and asked for help. 
We are buying new locks to be installed on the cabinets that should be easier to read and open.  It would be 26 locks, at $15 each to do the whole room.  This would be $375 plus tax to do the whole room.  Discussion of whether we want to buy locks for the whole room, which would include 5 locks for Knimble Kneedlers, 4 for the Rug Hookers and 2 for the Sit & Stitch Group.  Ronda will coordinate with the heads of the other groups using the room to see if they want to also buy new locks for their cabinets, or would continue to use the old ones.  Ronda also suggested a few changes of cabinet location used by each group, to make access easier and keep groups’ cabinets together.   
Cheryl moved and Roberta seconded a motion that the quilters purchase new locks for their cabinets only.  All were in favor. 
Use of Longarm when we return:  Still only 10 people allowed in the room.  Policy will remain the same.  Only 1 person can use machine, but a second person can help and they must sign up to use the room.  Only one reservation every other week.  Recertification will need to be discussed in the future. 
All items that were stored in member’s homes, should be brought back on Tuesday when the group will start cleaning and putting things back into cabinets.  Start at 9am.  Clean first, then start placing items from the center pile into the cabinets.  Machines will be set up and Cathy Howell will check to make sure they are complete.  Five machines will be donated to the Navajo Nation.  339 face masks were donated this week. 
Patsy reported that Hospice of the Valley are also still needing masks – mostly adult/some children sizes.  Linda Rowe will make 100 more masks – 50 each for Hospice and Navajo. 
Patsy reported that our quilters have made and donated over 6000 masks thus far.  She will get exact numbers to Linda for next newsletter. 
Liz Gray will do an inventory list for each cabinet as things are being unpacked. 
Pictures of Show and Tell are on the website. 

Linda moved and Patsy seconded to adjourn the meeting at 2:32pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Carol Moonan