PebbleCreek Quilters

Board Meeting June 3, 2019

Jean Fry, Marka Locker, Teri Burnett, Cheryl Skummer, Kathy Brown, Ronda Jones, Lynne Hupp, Judy Frank

Linda Rowe, Cynthia Schwartz, Roberta Penchina
Donna Aybar


CALL TO ORDER:  Jean Fry called the meeting to order at 9:05 am.

The May 2019 Board meeting minutes stand approved as posted.   Judy Frank made the motion and Lynne Hupp seconded.

President: Jean Fry
Long arm from 9-12 is okay on Monday mornings other than the first Monday of the month.  Rug Hookers will be using the room on Mondays all day, with the exception of the first Monday of the month, which is the board meeting date.

Vice-President: No report

Feedback from group is requested on logo.  Contest for logo design?  Criteria – how many colors, size, etc.  will send out an e-mail through Ronda following the meeting. 

Treasurer:  Cheryl Skummer:
Checking:  $7,405.65
Long arm Savings:  $7,205.29, Long arm committee went over the budget, by $41.11.  This is due to the work that was done on the machine and no service for a two year period leading up to this time.
Petty Cash:  $50.00
Balance:  $14,242.63
Carole Schumacher’s donation from Robson’s will be designated for New Hope for New Life.

Programs and Education: Kathy Brown
Kathy bought several die cuts and an idea book for the GO! Fabric cutter machine.  Everything is in the cupboard for use.
Quilting 101 - Carole Schumacher will teach it.  First class probably in August.
Accu-Cut Class – probably in the fall.

Community Service: Judy Frank
6 dog beds have been taken.  I asked Jim if there was someone that would pick up scraps from his group.  He said that he didn’t think that there was anyone that would be interested, but he would take it to the board.  Class sew days we will have a bag here to fill.
Judy Frank will make some delivery of donations today. 

Opportunity Quilt:
“Opportunity” is the word to get a chance to win a quilt. 

Long Arm: Roberta Penchina - No report.

Publicity: Marlene Kuskie:
Articles are being contributed.
Cynthia is going to start helping working on the charity info.

Sales: No report.

Social: Linda Rowe, Karen Rubsam:
Christmas in July.  Wed. July 17.  4-6  Bring something/Exchange something,

Librarian: No report

Anything you have, send in to Ronda.

Display Window: Cynthia Schwartz:
We also have the main window for the month of June. 


Veteran’s Appreciation Quilts:
Cynthia Scwartz: 
Patty at the Activity Center will set up the ticket process. 
Vote:  20 people already identified for receiving quilts.
Ronda will start the process for documentation of these quilts.

Documentation: No report 
Challenge quilt:


Donna Aybar – New Hope for New Life – we are moving this to fall for working on the start-up, possibly September.  Mary Sabatello is the contact person.
Oct. 26, reserving the long arm for the Friends of Perryville GED program sewing day. 
Donna Aybar is in charge of the fiber arts room for the Holiday Fest Fine Arts day.  We will have a booth for the Opportunity Quilt and Friends of Perryville.  

Next board meeting will be July 1.

General Meeting is July 8.

Kathy Brown moved to adjourn.  Lynne Hupp seconded the motion.  

Jean Fry adjourned the meeting at 10:34.

Respectfully Submitted
Teri Burnett, Secretary