PebbleCreek Quilters

Long Arm report from Service done on 3-22-2017 

Machine was “very clean” –thank you ladies!
We have:
Put in a new bobbin case

Adjusted the needle position. The needle was out of alignment, which usually happens when something is hit that is too thick or hard for the needle to go through.  If you do hit something like that (the needle will most likely break), please let us know so we can check and readjust the alignment.  There are ways of avoiding this, if your quilt has a lot of thick seams, please talk with one of the committee so we can show you how to work around this. 

Hydraulics are working. The machine can be lowered (even lower than before) and raised.  It is level where it is, so we will not be moving it back and forth. 

Oil – places to oil and number of drops are on the machine.  Continue to follow the 8 hour schedule and do not oil at the end of your session.

Threading slightly changed – marked on machine – no longer needs to go through the top eyelet twice, does not twist through the three hole bar - up thru first hole, down through the third hole, not twisting, not good for the thread. 

Tension is set correctly, should not have to be adjusted. If the machine is not sewing correctly, first check threading of top and bobbin. Do not move the machine too fast or sporadically.

                       2015 Policy Update for the Use of the Longarm

The following policies are in place for the protection of the longarm and for everyone’s use.

Read the “User Guide for the Longarm” prior to using the machine.  The Guide is in the Longarm cabinet in a white binder. 

Check the user chart posted on the cabinet door to see when the machine was last oiled.  The machine is oiled after each 8 hours of use.  (See oiling pictures in the Guide.)   Please do not oil at the end of your session.

After changing each bobbin, place 1 drop of oil in the bobbin case holder.

Use the stand alone bobbin winder only.  Watch the winding, to make sure you have a smoothly wound bobbin that is not over filled.

Size 16 needles are the designated needles to be used.  (They are marked 134 MR, 134 SAN 11, 100/16.)  A needle needs to be changed when it is bent, breaks or develops a burr.  If your thread breaks 3-4 times, consider changing the needle.

Sew Fine #50 weight is the recommended thread.   (40 weight thread is also good.)  If you prefer to use your own 40 or 50 weight thread, donation of this tread to the group, does not replace payment for using the longarm machine.  A color chart of the Sew Fine thread can be found taped to the door.

Even, moderate speed is needed.  Excessive speed and jerking motion can damage your quilt, the machine, and may effect the quality of your stitching. Please slow down and use an even moderate speed.

Do not disassemble the machine.

The machine and table are to be cleaned for the next person’s use.  Cleaning includes the bobbin area and above the needle.  Please clean the rails of the table and the machine.  Batting for cleaning the rails can be found in the cabinet.

When you are finished, return all equipment to the original location.   Be careful to line up the machine correctly - allow enough space by the wall and glass window.

 Unplug all power sources. 

In the second longarm cabinet there are many pantographs, books, patterns, etc.  Please sign these items out.  List the name of the item, your name, date, and phone number.  Please return the item in a reasonable time.
Lots of information is available on the internet. 

PLEASE ENJOY AND TAKE PRIDE IN OUR MACHINE.2015 Policy Update for the Use of the Longarm