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Long Arm Policy Change as of August 2018.

Longarm Certification Instructors:
Roberta Penchina – 623-935-8283
Linda Publicover - 508- 269-6700
Irene Lukes - 330- 472-3534
Erma Taylor - 623-536-8262

2020 Policy Update for the Use of the Longarm
The following policies are in place for the protection of the longarm and for everyone’s use.

Read the “User Guide for the Longarm” prior to using the machine.  The Guide is in the Longarm cabinet in a white binder.  

Tension is set correctly, should not have to be adjusted.  If the machine is not sewing correctly, first check threading of top and bobbin.  Do not move the machine too fast or sporadically.

After changing each bobbin, place 1 drop of oil in the bobbin case holder.

Use the stand-alone bobbin winder only.  Watch the winding to make sure you have a smoothly wound bobbin that is not overfilled. If there are partial bobbins with the color you are using, please use these first.

The needles to be used are in the plastic container that also holds the bobbin case.  A needle needs to be changed when it is bent, breaks, becomes dull, or develops a burr.  If your thread breaks 3-4 times, consider changing the needle.

SoFine #50 by Superior Threads is the thread to be used.  If you prefer to use your own SoFine 50 thread, donation of this thread to the group does not replace payment for using the longarm.  A color chart of the SoFine 50 thread can be found taped to the cabinet door.

Even, moderate speed is needed.  Excessive speed and jerking motion can damage your quilt, the machine, and affects the quality of your stitching. Please slow down and use an even moderate speed. Preferably using 9-10 stitches per inch. 


The machine and table are to be cleaned for the next person’s use.  Cleaning includes the bobbin area and above the needle.  Please clean the rails of the table and the machine.  Batting and instructions for cleaning can be found in the white binder in the cabinet. Follow these instructions for cleaning at the beginning and end of your session.


In the second longarm cabinet there are many pantographs, books, patterns, etc. 

If you remove any of these from the building, please sign them out.  List the name of the item, your name, date, and phone number.  Please return the item/s in a reasonable time. Sign them back in when they are returned.


The Long Arm Fee policy will change, effective August 2018, in order to allow more quilters to use the machine. 

The fee for using the Long Arm will be changed to an hourly rental rate of
$3.00 per hour for personal quilts. Payment can be made by cash, check or PayPal. 

Sign in and register for using the Long Arm for the time you want to rent the LA to complete your project.

You will pay the number of hours you signed up for times the hourly rate of $3.00. Minimum charge is 3 hours ($9).

You pay for the total amount of hours you signed up for evenif you finish early.  (Check the website calendar for the name of the next person using the machine so you can notify them if you finish early. A directory of names and phone numbers is located in the cabinet next to the entrance door.) 

If you are unable to use the machine on the date you have reserved, please contact Ronda Jones, the day before if possible.

Example: Rental for quilting a Charity quilt usually takes about  4 hours maximum, no charge. 

Morning session must start no later than 9am, but not before 6am. The rules of the Fiber Arts Center are no one can be in the building until after 6am and you must not be alone in the building at any time. 

Last session must end by 9pm. Rules of Fiber Arts Center are that you must be out of the building before 10p and you must not be alone in the building at any time. 

Things you might want to consider to use your time more efficiently
            Have your quilt and backing ironed, squared and                     ready to go (remember all quilts must have the batting & back cut 3 inches bigger than the quilt top on all four sides.)
             Decide ahead of the time your choice of thread,                   bobbin and pantograph, if used.  
            Work with a buddy

Things to remember

You pay for the number of hours you signed up for even if you finish early.
Time for cleaning and setting up are included in your rental time.
The quilting time written on the sheet on the cabinet door is the actual time used stitching on the LongArm.

            The building is open from 6am to 10pm only.
            You can never be alone in the building.

If you need to cancel, notify Ronda through the website registration form. If possible notify Ronda a day or more ahead of your scheduled rental.
            You may need to check out a key

Decide the amount of time you want to rent the LongArm, this time will include the cleaning.  You will pay for the amount of hours you rent the machine times $3, even if you finish early. 

Do any prep work, choice of thread, bobbin, ironing, squaring, ahead of your rented time. 

The amount of hours logged on the sheet on the cabinet door is, as before, the actually amount of time the machine is stitching. 

Building rules are: you cannot be alone in the building and you cannot come in before 6am and stay after 10pm. 

If you sign up for a morning time, it must start by 9am. You will need to pick up a key ahead of time if you are quilting when the building is locked.