Dear PebbleCreek Quilters,

Thank you for an amazing quilt show.  Over the past few months we have watched as you prepared and organized down to the smallest detail.  We enjoyed working with you and helping to prevent any road blocks to your success.  Your joy and comradery made our hearts sing.  Again Thank you, Expression Gallery Staff


PCQ Quilt Show 

PCQ Quilt Show
Woven Basket Workshop
Dog Beds Workshop
Receiving Blankets & Bears Workshop for Abrazo Hospital
One Block Wonder Class
PebbleCreek Post Article by Marlene Kuskie
Thank you note received by PCQ
2017-2018 Challenge Project 

PebbleCreek Quilters

Woven Basket Workshop 

Dog Bed Workshop                                    Receiving Blankets & Bears at Abrazo               One Block Wonder Class


Spring Quilt Show    The Art of Quilting

Barb Mauer, co-chair of the Spring Quilt Show, is creating ways to display quilts with other members of the Pebblecreek Quilt Club.  Millissa Masters is co-chairing and organizing the many details for the first quilt show in the Creative Arts Center.

The Spring Quilt Show  “The Art of Quilting”  is Sunday March 18, 2019 in the PebbleCreek Creative Arts Center.  The show will be open from 10 am to 3 pm.  

 The show will feature over 150 entries that vary from traditional, modern, art creations and other projects.  The large windows will feature the 2018 Challenge Projects using the log cabin pattern.  Attendees will discover art in variations of color, pattern and form.

Free admission.  It will be a wonderful way to enjoy a Sunday in PebbelCreek and see the many talents of our residents.

Pictured below:  Donna Aybar, JoAnn Stansell, Linda Publicover, Jackie Droncheff, Carol Winston and Barb Maurer.

Article in PebbleCreek Post March 2018 by Marlene Kuskie

Members of the PebbleCreek Quilters are always seeking new opportunities to learn new skills and express their creative talent.  The continuing education programs are scheduled weekly this winter and spring.  As members, the attendance is free and quilters provide their own materials.  Each year, the variety of new techniques/skills and use of new tools/equipment has increased the number of programs that are taught by the members of PebbleCreek Quilters.
            Saturday, January  27, members met to learn to create wallets and the many patterns that lend themselves to creative changes by the quilter.  With encouragement from teachers, Pam Bramfuhr and Sue Whaples, students  expressed their own creative talents with fabric.                                                               

            The members are also busy right now completing projects for the spring quilt show, The Art of Quilting, which will be Sunday, March 18 in the Creative Arts Building.  Free Admission will provide a wonderful way to see the talents of the membership on a Sunday in PebbleCeek.


2017-2018 Log Cabin Challenge issued by Kathleen O'Connell

Log Cabins and Beyond

This year the familiar log cabin pattern is presented to the quilters of PebbleCreek as a challenge project for the year 2017 .

There are many examples of traditional variations as well as more contemporary layouts. Variation in settings, courthouse steps, whitehouse steps,sunshine and shadows are some of the more traditional settings. 

Changes in color palettes and new fabric designs gives a new twist to log cabin quilts. Wool, silk, cotton fabric have all been used previously. Foundation piecing, strip piecing and more recently paper piecing are techniques used to build the log cabin. 

Think of the basics. How do you build a house or block..  start with a center, then start building with logs all around or do your own design using same idea of logs.