PebbleCreek Quilters

Board Meeting March 2, 2020 

Board Members: Ronda Jones, Marka Locker, Carol Moonan, Cheryl Skummer, Linda Rowe, Sandy Crabtree, Roberta Penchina, Patsy Wagner
Committee Chairs: Chris Booth, Carole Schumacher
Others:  Jean Frye, Emeritus;  Hiromi Bashore and Judy Gallob for 2020 Opportunity Quilt Ticket Sales; Linda Shaver, Ambassador. 

President Ronda Jones called the meeting to order at 9:00am and reminded everyone to please silence phones.  The February Board meeting minutes are approved as posted. 

Standing Committees: 

Documentation – No report, Next meeting scheduled for March 13th.  Has list of 8-10 people.  

Ambassador:  Linda Shaver will be new ambassador.  First gathering will be Friday, April 3 at 11am in the board room for lunch.  Maximum of 16 people.  Now has 20 members on the list who would like the tour.  Will do on Thursday or Friday because room isn’t as busy.  Email invite will be sent out to those who have signed up.  

Opportunity Quilt 2021 sewing days report – Marka & Carol   All 64 Center blocks have been completed.  Next workday will be Wed, March 25 from 9-noon to work on border blocks and start sewing center together.  

Opportunity Quilt 2020 Ticket sales – Hiromi Bashore – ticket sales at quilt show.  Judy Gallob will be helping her.  Made a new sign to remind viewers to “do not touch the quilt”.  She will contact the City of Goodyear for inside events – does not want to do outdoor events due to effect on the quilt.  March 7 Parking Lot Sale will be first opportunity.  Then sales at the Quilt Show.  

Equipment Managers, Liz Gray & Mary Sheldon:  Ironing boards are recovered and one must now be in center of the room and away from circuit box on wall, as per fire inspector.  She asks that people tell her when a board needs to be recovered.  All rotary cutters were inspected and blades replaced as needed.  Suggests we purchase new squaring rulers.  Scissors – if not sharp, put them in the dull rotary blades.  All irons are cleaned.  First Aid Kit is under sink and filled.  Go Cutter mats are replaced.  Kathy Brown does servicing for the GO machine.  Large mats are in table by window to square quilts and cut batting.  Still need to go through quilt racks and be sure all are working.  Send any future requests to both Liz and Mary. 

Social:  Chris Booth – Had the Monday night social.  Went well.  Several did the spool block.  Many cancellations, so had extra food.  She plans 3 Socials for the year, that will most likely not be for charity purposes.  

Vice-President:  Spring Luncheon, needs reservations by week before.  Email will be sent out as reminder. 

Secretary:  5 cards sent out this past month.  Thank you cards will only be sent to non club members in the future.  

Treasurer:  Checking:    $6343.98
                   Savings:       8307.42
                   Petty Cash        50.00

Education, Sandy Crabtree:   – Camden Bag class has two spaces for March 3 and 10th.  
Karen McCarty is guest presenter at next meeting.  She also teaches at 35th Ave.  Will bring all her quilts for a trunk show. 
March 14 is her Applipiecing Class for up to 15 participants.
  Also have a speaker coming for spring luncheon. 
Wonky Trees March 17 and 28 is full. 
Trash to Treasures on April 4.
Thinking about doing a Community Service Quilt?  Feel free to use donated fabric. 
March 27th – Wool Applique class, taught by Patti Schuldt.  Has 10 on waiting list, more than enough for another class. 
George Wagner can teach How to Use the Go Cutter. 
Request for more modern quilts & paper piecing classes? 

Community Service – Patsy Wagner: March 12th, looking at cleaning out cabinets and selling some at Trash to Treasures.  March is planned to make receiving blankets for Abrazo. 
Received a written request from Taking Action for Foster Kids.  After discussion, the group decided we would provide quilts for this year, but at this time it will not become a permanent commitment. 

Long Arm – Roberta Penchina:  Put a troubleshooting sign on the machine.  Classes will begin in October, as many new members are joining.  Spoke to Ron about servicing (horizontal and vertical controls).  No date committed yet but he was asked to avoid the weekend of the quilt show. 

Publicity – Linda Rowe:  Bookmarks have been distributed to all quilt shops.  Re-useable banner is ready and will be put up the day of the event.  Emailed each PebbleCreek group asking them to notify members about the show.  Activity calendar and local newspapers will also have notice of date of show.  Kyle Booth’s company made the banner for $99.  Bookmarks, posters, and digitizing of our logo was free.  Will plan to order notecards from his company. 
Linda is putting all information of all local clubs and quilts shops on a flash drive to make next year’s publicity easier.  

New Business: 

 Ronda reported June 24th  is tentative date for room refresh.  Room unavailable whole month of July.  Ronda will ask about mounting a new microwave under the cabinet.  Tables will be in center of room and contractor will provide plastic sheets to cover.  Remember we must share these tables with other groups who use room.  Cheryl offered part of her garage to store boxes of items.  

 There is a 20 year old embroidery machine in the closet that no one uses or knows the origin of.  Patsy moved and Marka seconded the motion that Ronda will take this machine home and learn how to use it, since she is interested in it. 

 Next General Meeting – Mar. 9th in the ballroom
 Next Board meeting – April 6th 

Motion to adjourn by Sandy Crabtree and seconded by Patsy Wagner. 
Meeting adjourned at 10:15am. 

Respectfully submitted,
Carol Moonan