PebbleCreek Quilters

March 5, 2018 

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Chris Booth, Jean Fry, Helen Phillips, JoEllen Cruze, Donna Aybar, Judy Frank, Marlene Kuskie, Linda Publicover, Kathy Brown, Sandy Crabtree, Mary Sheldon 

COMMITTEE MEMBERS PRESENT:  Millissa Masters, Barbara Maurer, Roberta Penchina 

Also present:  Webmaster Ronda Jones, and Linda Shaver, Emeritus 

Chris Booth called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.  The February 5, 2018 Board meeting minutes stand approved as posted. 


President:  No report. 

Vice President:  Jean Fry reported arrangements have been made for the Spring luncheon to be held on April 16.  Members will have a choice of either an Oriental chicken salad or a Muffaletta sandwich for $13 ($16.97 with tax and gratuity).  The speaker will be Mary McElvain, who teaches at Sun Valley Quilts and has published a book. 

Secretary:  No report. 

Treasurer:  JoEllen Cruze stated the current balance is $14,210.  Treasurer’s report is available on the website. 

Programs/Education:  Kathy Brown reported the “Oasis” class was held on February 27, a flip flop appliqué was demonstrated on Monday evening, February 26, and a sewing machine accessories demonstration was held on Monday evening, February 19.

On March 27, Linda Labenz will teach a one-block wonder class.  On March 19 and March 26, Irene Luces will teach a woven spirals basket.  On May 1, Dalonna Cooper and Kathy Brown will have a class where participants will prepare a sample book of machine accessories and what can be done with them. 

Plans are also to have Linda Publicover teach a long arm class on rulers.  

Kathy Brown will host the Monday evening sewing fun. 

Community Service:  Donna Aybar reported 17 activity mats for Abrazo were completed on February 17.  There will be a workshop on March 24 to make flannel receiving blankets for Abrazo. 

Ronda Jones will conduct a workshop on March 22 and March 29 to make dog beds.  Announcement will be posted on the website requesting members hold their scraps and bring them to the workshops. 

Liz Gray has volunteered to chair the Veteran’s Day quilt project this year.  Kits will be available at the general membership meeting on Monday, March 12.  

Long Arm:  Linda Publicover reported 18 personal quilts and 10 charity quilts were quilted on the long arm during February.  Mandatory classes for those using the long arm have been held.  The motor on the bobbin winder has been replaced.

Publicity:  Marlene Kuskie reported bookmarks, posters, and flyers have been distributed for the Quilt Show.  Signs have also been made and are ready.

Sales:  No report. 

Social:  Mary Sheldon reported a social was held on Monday evening, February 26.  Centerpieces for the Spring luncheon are being made. 

Librarian:  No report.
Historian:  No report.
Webmaster:  No report.
Display Window:  No report.


Opportunity Quilt:  Chris Booth noted there was over $200 in ticket sales at the parking lot sale on February 24.  A decision was made not to sell tickets at the Pickleball Tournament on February 14, 15 and 16.  

Quilt Show:  Millissa Masters reported on the status of the Quilt Show.  The quilts to be hung from the ceiling in the hall are to be brought to the March 12 membership meeting, and paperwork for quilts in the show will be given to the members at the meeting.  Ronda Jones will note on the website times members are working the show.  Room chairmen will also be in touch with those members.  On Friday, March 16, members are to deliver quilt frames, ladders, etc. to the Diamondback Room.  Members are to deliver their quilts for the show on Saturday morning. 

A quilt frame has been donated that will be available for members’ use after the Quilt Show.  

Challenge Quilt:  Chris Booth noted about 40 challenge quilt items are on display in the two windows.  Kathleen O’Connell has volunteered to do the challenge quilt project this coming year. 

Documentation:  Chris Booth noted quilt documentation is scheduled for March 9, and again in April. 


Chris Booth reported on the budget for the Creative Arts Center.  The back door lock has been finished.  A work order has been placed to change the cabinet locks.  New tables and chairs will be provided later this year as permitted by the budget, with the remaining replacements next year.  Cutting tables will only be replaced as needed. 


Jean Fry motioned the club subsidize the Spring luncheon expense by paying the taxes and gratuities, not to exceed $500, and members would thus pay $13 to attend the luncheon.  Sandy Crabtree seconded the motion.  After discussion, motion carried. 

Chris Booth noted the next general membership meeting will be held on March 12, 2018 at 7:00 p.m., with a social beginning at 6:30 p.m., in the Coyote Room.

The next board meeting will be held on April 2, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. at the residence of Mary Sheldon, with a brunch to follow.

Jean Fry moved the meeting be adjourned, and Judy Frank seconded.  Motion approved. 

Respectfully submitted
By Helen Phillips