PebbleCreek Quilters

Half Bundles     $1.95 yd      54 yd bundles

Purchase all Flat Folds      $1.85 Per Yard

Email of 11-21-19

​​Here are some nice 1/2 Flat Folds at a great price.  Remember ladies, unless TJ’s e-mail states differently, this is the mill that charges for shipping.  It all boils down to a very good overall price compared to the stores but I just wanted to remind you! Join with a bubby and make an order

T J Reynolds

Marshall Dry Goods Co., Inc.
310 West Main Street
Batesville, AR 72501

Toll Free 888-744-8277

Phone (870)-793-2405

Fax (870-793-6417)

10-30 #10                                                        10-30 - #34                                              10-30 #2                              10-30 #3


CLOTHWORKS     -     $2.95 Per Yard    -    Some Prints have Limited Quantities - -                                 44" Wide Fabrics - - Email of 10-30-19 (Reference # and email date when ordering these are cotton).

    Flat Fold #1                                                              Flat Fold #2

Caribbean                              Camel                                    Burgundy                                       Brown

Lined Up                                                                             Pin Dot

Color Group Red                                            Crackle                                                

This is a wonderful opportunity for the ladies of PebbleCreek Quilters.

They are selling fabric in larger quantities at a very discounted rate.

You may also buy one yard at a time by going to their website, but the price will not be the same.

If you would like to place an order, please call T.J.Reynolds at the Toll free number and place your order.  Shipping will be added at the time of the order.  The following are just samples of each design of fabrics.

Blender/Calico Flat Fold Sale Email of 11-14-19

5 different Combs
102 Yards 45’’ 100% Cotton Quilters Blenders
102 Yards 45” 100% Cotton Quilters Calicos 

$1.75 Per Yard when you purchase separately 


That’s 204 yards  $357 Total Cost for 1 of the Combos

Just pick your favorite 1 or multiple

Email October 25th - Marble Flat Fold Bundles - Must purchase Bundle - 6 yds per color = 102 yards @ $1.95 per yard = $198.90 + shipping.

No. 3                                                                                      No. 4

Email of October 25th. - This is one of our bestselling print lines - Give the name of the Marble you desire at the time of ordering.
D/R 15 Yard Bolts @ $2.45 per yard

(must buy the bolt to get this price)
1 yard of Each Color $1.95 per yard

(Must buy all colors to get this price)
Also Available in 102 Yard Flat Fold Bundles $1.95 per yard

44" wide - Cotton

No. 1                                                                               No. 2