Below are two of the face masks that ladies believe is the easiest to make.  Click on the link to get instructions

PebbleCreek Quilters

How to make a simple mask with elastic

How to make a Face Mask Using Elastic.docx

I am creating this page to help you try to navigate the process of helping by making face masks.  Let's try to get it organized, help from  having to go through all of the large group of emails on the io group and make it easier for all of you, so let's see if we can do the following:

1.  Use one of the three patterns below unless you have supplies and like another pattern better.  I feel it is best to use two pieces of fabric so they can remember what is the front and what is the back of the mask.  PLEASE BE SURE TO WASH YOUR FABRIC AND EVEN THE ELASTIC BEFORE YOU MAKE THE MASKS.

2.  Unless you are sewing for someone specific, take all completed masks to Debbie Arsenault's home at 15623 W. Roanoke Ave. and place them in the bin on her porch.  Please ring the door bell because some have been left and before she could get them, they we taken by others coming to her door (we think).  We are handing out 2 masks to residents at this time due to the over whelming demand for the masks. Please, don't send a resident requesting a mask directly to Debbie's home because we have a waiting list of people who have requested masks.  We need to give them out on a first come, first serve basis.  Have the resident contact Ronda or 623-536-5546.


3.  Contact me if your are in need of supplies.  I am getting donations and may have what you need. or 623-536-5546

4. If you are giving out the masks to individuals. please remember to use this disclaimer to help protect all of the ladies that have donated their time, resources and talents  to make the masks.

PebbleCreek Quilters would like to remind everyone that has received a mask that these masks DO NOT provide any guarantee or assurance of protection from the virus.  They can only help by possibly adding another layer of protection.  At the very least, the mask may remind you not to touch your face, particularly your nose and mouth. These masks DO NOT take the place of continuing to practice social distancing and good hygiene (handwashing for a minimum of 20 seconds, and use of hand sanitizer). 
Also, please be sure to remember which is the side that you wore next to your face, and put that same side next to your face the next time you wear it.   After you have gone out in public, take the mask off immediately upon arrival home, throw it in the washing machine and wash it after every use.