PebbleCreek Quilters

May 13, 2019

Jean Fry, Teri Burnett, Kathy Brown, JoEllen Cruze, Marka Locker, Ronda Jones, Lynne Hupp, Roberta Penchina, Judy Frank
Roberta Penchina, Judy Frank, Patsy Wagner, Linda Rowe, Karen Rubsam, JoEllen Cruz, Liz Gray, Cynthia Schwartz, Ronda Jones
Lynne Hupp, Donna Aybar,
Also present: 
Donna Aybar, Emeritus

CALL TO ORDER:  Jean Fry called the meeting to order at 6:58 pm.
The April 2019 meeting minutes stand approved as posted. 

President:  Jean Fry
New members – Indy Rebhun, returning to us is Miki Cudmore. 

Irene Lukes:  I am welcoming Patty and  Kristie, and they will share their story.  Our home town is no longer existing.  Thirty-eight years after the school closed, we were able to get all of the things from the school building.  The school that we grew up and loved houses a K-8 school.  This project is for our reunion, all things made will be auctioned off to be donated to the building.  Contact Irene Lukes if you are interested in working on something.  

Funds of $500 for resident referral to Pebble Creek for buying property are being donated to the Quilting Group, and has been designated to a life skills opportunity for New Life Center (emergency domestic violence shelter in Goodyear).  Three sewing machines were donated and some folks were trying to figure out how to utilize these and the funds.  PC residents will be involved in helping residents learn and use life skills of sewing to be implemented in the fall.  Donations of sewing machines, supplies, etc. are allowing this process to get started. 

This fund is being named New Hope at New Life.  Mary Sabatello is designing this class.  If you are interested in this, we have to get volunteer screening done, please let us know now, so that we can get this process started.

Vice-President:  Marka Locker

Membership cards are available if you have not picked yours up.  92 members attended the luncheon.  Great amount of feedback, very positive and loved the decorations.  87# of food donated that day.

Secretary:  Teri Burnett
Logo for Pebble Creek Quilters has been requested, and I have offered to chair this group.  I would like to have 3-5 volunteers to get together and brainstorm.  Please contact me with your name and number/e-mail address.

Treasurer:  Cheryl Skummer:
Checking:  $6,180.80
Longarm Savings:  $7,305.47
Petty Cash:  $50.00
Balance:  $13,536.37

Programs and Education: Kathy Brown
May:  Tomorrow Jean Fry will teach the Wreath Table Topper Class from 9-3.

Community Service:  Judy Frank
There are no more scrap baskets.  The cases are available for you to take home.  Cut scraps, please. 

May 18:  Veterans’ Appreciation Quilts sew day. 
June, July and August will be any charity project you want to sew on. 

Charity sew day is 3rd Saturday of every month.  Snacks are being provided and appreciated by volunteers.
25 quilts, 3 breast cancer pillows and 5 dog beds donated, 75 items this month..   

74 quilts for year, this year 279 items.

Lots of adopt a quilts left. 

Opportunity Quilt:
See Kathleen with questions.

Long Arm: Linda Publicover
The machine has been repaired.  Watch the skipping stitches issue, which is possibly from fabric having too much sizing or painting.  More bobbins and leaders have been orders.

Publicity: Marlene Kuskie submitted by Lynne Hupp
A couple of people attended the Abrazo Luncheon representing Pebble Creek Quilters.
The Opportunity Quilt and schedule of sales, etc. will be supported through publicity. 
Pictures of Veterans quilts sew day will be appreciated.

Sales: Full cabinet of stuff to sell, but mostly Holiday.  Looking at opportunities of donations of holiday items to provide room and in being realistic in what can be sold within the time frame of holiday sales.

Social: Linda Rowe & Karen Rubsam
These groups are getting started:
Handwork Applique – Led by Pat Schultz
Kitchen Table Sewing – Led by Arlene Simpson
Featherweight Sewing – Mary Sabatello (19 interested in this group)  May 24 at 1:00 pm. 
Machine Embroidery – Karen Rubsam
New Quilters – Led by Cheryl McGovern  

Cinco de Mayo questionnaire  - Birthday – Nan Perkins
Victoria Day – Anyone from Canada or England? 
Memorial Day –
Nascar Coca Cola or Indianapolis 500 – Ronda Jones
National Teacher week
What year was Mother’s Day considered a national holiday – George got this with 1904.

Librarian: Liz Gray

This library is in the first cabinet.

Historian:  Ronda Jones
Anything you have, send in to Ronda.

Display Window: Cynthia Schwartz:
July will be display of the Veterans Quilts.  WWI quilt will be in the Big Window.
October will be the display of the Opportunity Quilt in the Big Window.
Fall window idea is “Brag” window. 

Ambassador:  Linda
Toured with seven people.  There are still several that would like an ambassador’s tour. 


Veteran’s Appreciation Quilts: Cynthia Schwartz: 
Sew Day is May 18th.
Activities office is working on date in November.
9 people are signed up. 

Documentation: No report
Opportunity Quilt:  No report 

The next membership meeting on June 10, in the fabric arts room.



Jean Fry adjourned the meeting at 7:40 pm
Motion to adjourn, Pam Branfuhr and second by Lynne Hupp. 

Respectfully Submitted
Teri Burnett, Secretary