PebbleCreek Quilters

PebbleCreek Quilters Board Meeting
May 8, 2020 

The meeting was called to order by Ronda Jones, president at 11:05am via Zoom. 

Attendance:  Ronda Jones, Sandy Crabtree, Patsy Wagner, Linda Rowe, Roberta Penchina, Marka Locker and Carol Moonan

Longarm:  CAC Room is expected to be open from 9-3, M-F, exact date to reopen is still unknown.  Longarm Machine can only be used by 1 person at a time, as social distancing is always required in the room.  Ronda suggested all those currently registered to use the longarm will receive an email, and all must register again for after May 17.  Options to register for longarm:  Tuesday and Wednesday from 9-3 and Thursday and Friday from 12-3.   We will not count the time the building was closed for loss of certification.  Recertification will not take place at this time.  Members may register every other week.  If this does not allow access to everyone who would like to use the machine, we may need to switch to every third week.   Roberta will be given a full day to check and set up machine before we open room. 

Machine has not been serviced since March 2019.  Roberta will check and see when Ron can come out to service.  Hopefully during the room renovation, now scheduled from June 22 – July 24

Publicity:  Linda Rowe has written several articles and is working on several more, about mask making and the Opportunity Quilt.   About $210 for Opportunity Quilt tickets came in using the PC Facebook and egroup page the day following Linda’s last article! 

Community Service:  Patsy Wagner is now collecting face masks as well as flannel charity quilts.  She receives several requests daily for face masks. 

Re-opening of room in CAC:  Much discussion on how to implement the requirements to open the room during Phase 1.  Policy as discussed is below. 

Adjournment:  Sandy moved and Linda seconded, all were in favor of adjourning. 

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Moonan

In preparation of reopening the CAC for Phase 1 Activity, as discussed at Board Meeting on 5/8/2020

We do not have an open date at this time but in anticipation of an announcement from the HOA:

Members must be in compliance with the following procedures: (failure to adhere will result in loss of CAC privileges)

The CAC will be open from 9 am to 3 pm, Monday through Friday – Closed on Saturday and  Sunday - Residents only – no Guests

PCQ will ask members to register to use the room during open sew days, via the website.    Due to the number of members, you can register for only 1 day every week. If demand is too great, this may be changed.  (No one can just come into the room to pick up something, they would need to register to use the room for the number of hours they desire, or check the schedule for the names of the members in the room and ask them to pick up something for them.)  Also, those who are wanting to select charity fabrics to get some for their use will need to register for time to use the room and probably should bring something else along with them to work on to stay in the room for the period of time they have registered to have.

Access to the building is through the front door only.  The Gallery Staff will work the hours the CAC is open (9 – 3) to ensure compliance with the Phase 1 guidelines.   The Expressions Gallery & Gift Shop will be closed until further notice.

A ten (10) club members maximum per studio will be allowed at any scheduled time. This will include the person using the long arm machine.  A photo of studio seating set up to accommodate social (physical) distancing is below.  Social (physical) distancing – six feet apart will be enforced (self-monitoring is expected).  Those not in compliance will be asked to leave the building by Gallery staff.

Face masks are required to be worn at all times within the building (self-provided).

No food or cooking of food will be permitted – refrigerators may not be used.

Drinks/water must be provided by the individual using the studio.   Drinking fountains will not be available and the outdoor soda machine cannot be used until further notice.  No loitering in halls or restrooms.

All studios have been set up to accommodate the appropriate number of individuals per social (physical) distancing guidelines of 6 feet (see photos below).  The tables are marked with blue tape showing where members can sit to work using the distance guides. 

No keys will be checked out nor returned to Club officers until Phase 2.  IF YOU HAVE A KEY TO THE ROOM, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE THE KEY.

Studio users must wipe down the areas they have used before they leave the building including table, chairs, any cabinet or sink area, any handles used, tools and equipment used including iron handles, rotary cutter handles and any rulers used.  Gallery Staff will monitor this.   The Creative Arts Center will provide wipes in each studio for use by club members.

No club meeting or classes during Phase 1 

Here is the view of the room showing where members can safely sit to work.  Obviously you should try to sit close to the cabinet you plan to use, such as Charity Fabrics, to avoid walking past others.