PebbleCreek Quilters

PebbleCreek Quilters Board Meeting

September 17, 2020

Ronda called the meeting to order at 10:30am. 
Attendees:  Ronda Jones, Roberta Penchina, Carol Moonan, Marka Locker, Cheryl Skummer, Linda Rowe 

 People are now signing up for the longarm for a full day. 

Virtual Quilt Show is now online and available.  Ronda suggests we all go online and vote for our favorites.  Voting deadline is October 30.  What should the winner receive as recognition?  Suggestion of a $25. Gift Certificate to a Quilt Shop.  Carol will purchase.  

How should we handle this year, 2020, for election of our Board Members?  Marka and Cheryl are the only board members who have been in their position more than 1 year. The board discussed this situation carefully.  

Marka moved and Linda seconded this motion:   Due to the Corona Virus, the room being unavailable, no classes being held, and no general meetings, the board is proposing that all board members will remain in their current positions through 2021, without an election.  We would like to waive the 2-year limit as stated in our bylaws.  Current board members would therefore be eligible to run for office to serve in 2022.  

The board voted and the motion carried.  

Linda reported that the WWI Quilt is currently being hung in the CAC this morning.  This will be publicized in the PC Post.  October PC Post will have article about the Virtual Quilt Show.   November issue will have results of the virtual quilt show.  

Christy, from the Navajo Nation is picking up items today from Ronda.  Face Masks, a sewing machine and sewing basket.  

Roberta and Ronda hung the quilts on top of the cabinets.  Room looks great!  

Cheryl moved and Roberta seconded a motion to adjourn the meeting.  All were in favor.  Meeting was adjourned at 11:05am.  

Respectfully submitted,
Carol Moonan


General Meeting 3–9-2020 

President Ronda Jones called the Meeting to Order at 7pm and reminded everyone to silence their phones. 

Attendance:  72

Guests: Jean Crabtree, Sandy’s sister-in-law.  Lynette – Lola’s twin sister.   

No corrections to the February General Meeting Minutes, so they stand as posted.

Announcements –

 This Wednesday is last sewing day for Eagle Mountain from 9-2.  Lunch provided if it’s not raining. 

Quilt Show – Barb Maurer provided details for show. 

 This week the 16 black and white quilts will go up.  Start collecting them on Thursday (3-12) from 1-4pm.  They will be hung at 4pm. 
Next Friday is set up.  Bring items from 10-1.  Clean and set up the display items starting at 1pm. 
Saturday from 9-noon bring quilts.  Take them to room assigned.  Pin half of slip to back of quilt.  Keep the other half to pick it up on Sunday.  Quilts will be arranged starting at 1pm. 
Sunday show:  still need a few more helpers. 
Take down on Sunday, starting at 4pm.  Shut doors after guests leave at 4pm.   Take down crew of 6-8 people will be in each room.  They will take down the quilts in that room. 
Starting at 4:10, you can come to pick up your own quilts, using the tickets. 

Trunk show – Sandy Crabtree introduced speaker, Karen McCarty at 7:15pm.  Beautiful and inspiring trunk show was presented.

Show and Tell commenced.  

Next General Meeting will be the Spring Luncheon on April 13th in the ballroom.
Patty Wagner moved and Pam Branfuhr
Barb Mauer with assistants gave out the paperwork needed to turn in quilts for the show. 

Respectfully submitted,
Carol Moonan