PebbleCreek Quilters


General Meeting 3–9-2020 

President Ronda Jones called the Meeting to Order at 7pm and reminded everyone to silence their phones. 

Attendance:  72

Guests: Jean Crabtree, Sandy’s sister-in-law.  Lynette – Lola’s twin sister.   

No corrections to the February General Meeting Minutes, so they stand as posted.

Announcements –

 This Wednesday is last sewing day for Eagle Mountain from 9-2.  Lunch provided if it’s not raining. 

Quilt Show – Barb Maurer provided details for show. 

 This week the 16 black and white quilts will go up.  Start collecting them on Thursday (3-12) from 1-4pm.  They will be hung at 4pm. 
Next Friday is set up.  Bring items from 10-1.  Clean and set up the display items starting at 1pm. 
Saturday from 9-noon bring quilts.  Take them to room assigned.  Pin half of slip to back of quilt.  Keep the other half to pick it up on Sunday.  Quilts will be arranged starting at 1pm. 
Sunday show:  still need a few more helpers. 
Take down on Sunday, starting at 4pm.  Shut doors after guests leave at 4pm.   Take down crew of 6-8 people will be in each room.  They will take down the quilts in that room. 
Starting at 4:10, you can come to pick up your own quilts, using the tickets. 

Trunk show – Sandy Crabtree introduced speaker, Karen McCarty at 7:15pm.  Beautiful and inspiring trunk show was presented.

Show and Tell commenced.  

Next General Meeting will be the Spring Luncheon on April 13th in the ballroom.
Patty Wagner moved and Pam Branfuhr
Barb Mauer with assistants gave out the paperwork needed to turn in quilts for the show. 

Respectfully submitted,
Carol Moonan

PebbleCreek Quilters Board Meeting
October 5, 2020 

Attendance:  Ronda Jones, Sandy Crabtree, Roberta Penchina, Marka Locker, Linda Rowe, Jean Fry, Carol Moonan   Via Zoom:  Patsy Wagner, JoEllen Cruze and Mary Hill 

President Ronda Jones called the meeting to order at 9:05am in the CAC Quilting Room. 

 118 members of 174 members voted unanimously to pass the following motion:  Due to the Corona Virus, the room being unavailable, no classes being held, and no general meetings, the board is proposing that all board members will remain in their current positions through 2021, without an election.  We would like to waive the 2-year limit as stated in our bylaws.  Current board members would therefore be eligible to run for office to serve in 2022.  All will remain except Cheryl Skummer.  Jackie Cameron will replace Cheryl as treasurer.  Marka moved, Sandy seconded and the board approved that Jackie will be appointed to replace Cheryl as treasurer for 2021.  All were in favor.  

 Vice President:  Can we find another venue for the Holiday Luncheon, since we didn’t have a spring luncheon?  The board discussed and determined we would not feel safe or comfortable right now with a large group.  Possibly have a welcome back luncheon when we can safely return.  

 Secretary:  No report 

 Treasurer (absent).  Dues will soon be due.  What options can we offer other than PayPal?   Dues will remain the same for next year, and be collected at Ronda’s house on certain days.  

 Linda moved and Roberta seconded that we donate $500 to the Agua Fria food bank, since we aren’t collecting food at the luncheons.  The board approved unanimously.  Marka will check with the CAC to see if we can put out a box in the lobby of the CAC to collect non-perishable food there from Quilters as well as from other clubs using the building.     

 Publicity:  This month’s article will be installation of the WWI Quilt, perhaps adding to the history of the quilt, if Robson will allow a larger article than her 500-word minimum. 

 Community Service Report:  To date this year, 7771 masks given to New Life Center, Hospice of the Valley, Abrazo Hospital, Dignity Health, Banner Health, Cancer Centers of America, Navajo Nation, Residents of Pebble Creek, family and friends.  Also given:

Hospice of the Valley; 5 walker bags, 35 quilts, 1 fleece blanket.
Abrazo Hospital:  218 receiving blankets, 6 burp cloths, 19 teddy bears, 2 bibs.
SW Family Advocacy:  19 quilts, 16 flannel blankets.
Natalie’s House: 6 quilts.
Foster Kids: 2 quilts.
47 Zippy Strippy Bags by end of October.

 Programs:  No programs set up right now.  Judy Frank’s quilt in the show is receiving many votes.  Would she possibly do a class or do it using  zoom ?
Patty Schultz has agreed to do a class, she will return to PC in November.
Chris Booth to do Wonky Tree table runner? 
Karen Bogadi did thread and needles class – very well received. 

 Long Arm:  Roberta, is trying to find out what is wrong with Vertical and Horizontal Hold.  Horizontal works sporadically, but not the vertical.  She is recertifying 2 people at a time now.  She will check with the others in the committee about doing initial certification due to social distancing.  All pantographs have been returned.  

No sewing machines, Accu-cutter and it’s parts, pantographs can be removed from the room.  

Sales:  Jo Ellen – Gallery Opening Oct. 15th Ronda sent out request via email for more fall items.  She received a few items, very nice quality and is satisfied with the amount for fall.  She will send out a new request when it’s time to receive Holiday Items to be sold in The Gallery, to benefit PCQ.  

Cynthia was not able to be present but submitted this report:
  Insofar as the Vets Appreciation Quilts Project, since the Activities Office is not hosting the annual Veterans Program in the Renaissance Theater and the banquet rooms are closed, PCQ will not host a Veterans’ luncheon or present quilts to PC Vets.
Someone suggested that we deliver quilts to Veterans at their homes.   After considering this idea, we decided to put the project on hold in 2020.  

There are several reasons:  
1.  Over the past several months, many quilters put their Vets quilt projects aside to focus on sewing masks.   
2.  Since the Fiber Arts Room has been closed due to COVID and cabinet replacements, time slots for the long arm have been reduced.   
3.  Some quilters are not comfortable returning to the Fiber Arts Room to work on Vets quilts.
4.  We would like to continue the tradition to present quilts at a luncheon.
We have seven (7) finished quilts stored in my house.  Our goal is 20-25 quilts for 2021.   Other quilts are at various stages.
Going Forward:
I will write up a special announcement for you to distribute to our quilters in November.   Assuming that the Activities Office will host the Vets Program in 2021, we will re-focus on the Veterans Quilt Program. 

New Business: 

Cabinets in Room- New lockers, same combination, Business “Cabinet 22” is now the 3rd cabinet on the left as you enter the room. 

Quilts on Top have been secured with tablecloth hooks. Roberta’s idea – look great!

2021 Dues will remain the same for next year, $25.  

Meeting by Zoom –Roberta moved and Sandy seconded that we purchase the $150 level of zoom for PC Quilters.  All approved.  Ronda will purchase.  

Our Go-Daddy Website needed to be updated.  Ronda has been setting it up and has renewed it for 5 years, at a better price.  She has 3 months to set it up.  Since the website is intended more for a business, there was not enough space for all our photos.  Marka moved and Linda seconded that we Add Smug Mug to website at a Cost $55 per year after free 2 week trial.  

Calendar on website has also been a big problem.  Ronda now looking for a new calendar to embed on website.  

Cathy Howell said io chat group is up for renewal at a cost of $110.  This used to be free, but now is charging.  This charge was denied and Ronda offered to include the information on the weekly news.  There will be a special page on the new web site called The Chat Room that offers the opportunity for members to share news, show and tell, offer items for sale, etc. 

Jean Fry complimented Ronda on the outstanding job she is doing in her position, for the room renovation, handling everything during the pandemic, new Website set up etc. 

Sandy suggested we think about limiting the use of the longarm now that more people are returning to PC.  Starting today, registration for machine will be 3 hours per person every third week. Roberta will discuss with her committee and Ronda will send out a notice.    

The Meeting was adjourned at 10:35am. 
Respectfully submitted,
Carol Moonan