PebbleCreek Quilters

November 12, 2018 

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Chris Booth, Jean Fry, Helen Phillips, JoEllen Cruz, Marlene Kuskie, Donna Aybar, Kathy Brown, Linda Publicover

COMMITTEE CHAIRS PRESENT:  Pam Branfuhr, Mary Sheldon, Liz Gray, Priscilla Naworski, Cathy Howell, Wendy Gilbert, Donna Wisnoski 

COMMITTEE MEMBERS PRESENT:  Roberta Penchina, Irene Lukes, Patsy Wagner, Judy Frank, Sandy Crabtree, Lynne Hupp, Joanne Kraatz, Irma Taylor 

Also present:  Webmaster Ronda Jones, and Linda Shaver, Emeritus 

Chris Booth called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  The October 8, 2018 General meeting minutes stand approved as posted. 


President:  Chris Booth welcomed new members and guests including Linda Rowe, Elsie Frerks, Patricia Hindman, and Sheila Johnson. 

Vice President:  Jean Fry reported the Holiday Luncheon will be on December 10 at 11:30 a.m.  Menu choices and further information regarding reservations is on the website.  There will be a collection of nonperishable food items for the Aqua Fria Food Bank at the luncheon.  

Membership cards for 2019 are now available. 

Secretary:  No report. 

Treasurer:  JoEllen Cruze stated the current balance is $13,144.  Treasurer’s report is available on the website. 

Programs/Education: Kathy Brown reported a Disappearing 4-Patch class, taught by Diane Johnson, was held on October 30.  A Hexagon class, taught by Joni Reynertson, will be held on November 27.  A two-session Curvy Pieced Table runner class will be taught by Diane Rottman, where members will piece the table runner on November 29 and then quilt the table runner on December 6. 

On Monday evening, November 19, at 4:00 p.m., there will be a demonstration on sewing snap happy bags.  No sign up is needed for the Monday evening demonstrations. 

Community Service:  Judy Frank reported during October, 12 quilts were delivered to Hospice of the Valley, 9 quilts were delivered to Ryan’s House and 7 dog beds were delivered.    A total of 472 items have been delivered to date in 2018. 

Long Arm:  No Report 

Publicity:  Marlene Kuskie asked members to contact her regarding any suggestions for articles for the Pebble Creek Post. 

Sales:  Pam Branfuhr reported the Gallery has requested holiday placemats with table runners.  Kits are available for members to pick up after the general meeting or during the Wednesday evening sewing sessions.  Kits for walker bags will also be available on Wednesday evening. 

Social:  Mary Sheldon reported the next social will be the Christmas luncheon. 

Librarian:  No report.
Historian:  No report.  

Webmaster:  Ronda Jones asked that members contact her if they have any problems with or suggestions for the website. 

Display Window:  Chris Booth thanked Cathy Howell and Wendy Gilbert for the November display of antique sewing machines.  Machines displayed are on loan from Emory Wapples and Wendy Gilbert, with toy machines from Linda Shaver. 


Veteran’s Quilts:  Liz Gray reported 24 Pebble Creek Veterans were honored with a quilt at the ceremony on November 11.  Photos are posted on the website.  Several quilts are completed and ready for 2019, and 6 names have already been submitted for next year’s presentation. 

Opportunity Quilt: Chris Booth reported $30 in tickets were sold at Sun Valley Quilts on November 9.  Tickets will be sold at 35th Avenue on the 16th and 17th. Tickets will also be sold at the upcoming Holiday Fest on December 1. 

Documentation:  Donna Wisnoski reported documentation of quilts will resume on the second Friday afternoon in January.  Additional volunteers are needed for the documentation process and members should contact Donna Wisnoski to volunteer. 


Ronda Jones, Nominating Committee Chair, announced the slate of officers to be nominated for the 2019 Board is as follows: 

President - Jean Fry
Vice President - Marka Locker
Secretary - Terri Burnett
Treasurer - Suzanne Fortunato
Publicity - Marlene Kuskie
Programs/Education - Kathy Brown
Community Service - Judy Frank
Long Arm Machine - Roberta Penchina 

Voting and installation will be held at the general meeting at the Holiday luncheon on December 10. 

Chris Booth noted Christmas and Hanukkah quilts will be hung in the CAC hallways for the Holiday season the last week of November and will remain there through the month of December.  Members are asked to contact Chris Booth if they have holiday quilts available.  The quilts can be delivered to Chris Booth on Saturday, November 24, in the Fiber Arts Room.  Help will be needed with hanging the quilts on November 28. 


The Art Walk will be using the CAC November 17 and 18th.  The Fiber Arts Room will not be available for use on these dates. 

Pam Branfuhr reported there will be a sale of fabric from a former member.  Further information regarding the date and time will be sent to the members. 

Jean Fry noted the final payment for the Road to California is due by December 1. 

The next board meeting will be held on December 3, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. in the Fiber Arts Room. 

Chris Booth noted the next membership meeting will be held on December 10, 2018 at the Holiday luncheon. 

Pam Branfuhr moved the meeting be adjourned, and  Lynne Hupp seconded.  Motion approved. 

Respectfully submitted
Helen Phillips