PebbleCreek Quilters

General Meeting Nov 11, 2019

Jean Fry, Cheryl Skummer, Teri Burnett, Ronda Jones, Linda Publicover, Patsy Wagner, Judy Frank
Linda Rowe, Patsy Wagner, Cynthia Schwartz,
Emeritus:  Donna Aybar

CALL TO ORDER:  Jean Fry called the meeting to order at 7:01 pm.
October Minutes approved as submitted.

President: Jean Fry
Jan-Mar, we have asked for the ballroom for our meetings. 

Since membership cards are not used, we won’t be passing them out anymore
The board voted to discontinue them at the Nov. Board meeting.
Holiday luncheon is Dec. 9th.
2020 dues can be paid through Ronda Jones or Marka Locker.

Secretary:  No report

Checking account:  $7,844.23
Long arm savings:  $7,906.62
Petty cash:  $50
Balance:  $15,800.85

Programs and Education: Sandy Crabtree reporting.
Spicy Spiral samples shown completed at the class.  Diane Johnson – class is full for tomorrow.
4 patch posie class has completed, samples to come next month.
Joyce Weschelberger is teaching a T-shirt class on Nov. 23rd.
Wool applique class interest.
Quilting 101 class will start on January 5:  12 signed up, 9 mentors so far.  If you haven’t signed up on the website as a mentor, please do so.  Some that had passed it on to Carol Schumacher, please go on to sign up.  Each new quilter will have a mentor sewing with them.

Community Service: Judy Frank
Linda Labenz:  holding a Tumbler quilt class in order to use up a lot of fabrics from our stash.  She has cut all of the pieces for the blocks for people to put a quilt together.
145 quilts have been donated to date.  422 items to date.
20 quilts for Veterans.  7 quilts to Hospice of the Valley.  9 for Ryan House, 12 dog beds.
Community service sew day in Jan, is for the Veterans. 
Scissors and blades were purchased for the cupboard 

Opportunity Quilt:
“Opportunity” is the word to get a chance to win a quilt. 
Selling tickets at 35th Ave, at the holiday fest, and at the luncheon. 
We are looking for someone to quilt the 2020 Opportunity Quilt. 

Long Arm:  Roberta Penchina
Anyone wanting to get re-certified, please contact someone on the committee.
Please only oil the bobbin area.

Publicity:  Marlene Kuskie.  No report.
Sales: No report.
Social: Linda Rowe
Librarian: No report.
Web Master: No report. 

Anything you have, send in to Ronda. Any kind of event, please remember to take pictures so that we have record and send them to Ronda. 

Display Window: Cynthia Schwartz
Brag window is up in the window.
Dog beds:  Don’t cut up the fabric.  Cynthia will take care of the fabric.  (She is going to use some of the fabric for fabric art.)
Fabric art:  4 artists will be coming to describe what they do and how. 
Window display committee will need a new chairman.

Veteran’s Appreciation Quilts: Cynthia Schwartz
Some quilts that were a little small are going to be donated to the gallery.
The program and luncheon were wonderful.
Veterans’ quilts will have parameters as guidelines for next year.
Tickets are still available for purchase.

Documentation: No report
Challenge quilt: look on the website. 

Ambassador Tours: Linda Labenz
We will be having another tour soon.
We will try to get a sign up on line. 

GED sale for scholarship for Perryville girls is at Wendy’s house this Friday morning.  10-12 am. 
Hallway quilts:
Christmas quilts:  Bring them up to the room on Dec. 4th,  so that they can be hung up for the Holiday Fest.
Featherweight Group:  Jan. will be the 3rd Friday of the month, from 12-4. 

Ronda Jones: Website concerns:  The website should be all back to normal soon.  We are testing a new format and it was mistakenly turned off from the origin point.  Should be back soon. 

Dresses for shoeboxes
:  Edna DeFord
Packing party will be Nov. 20, from 12-5 and Nov. 21 from 10-2 at Edna’s home, and will pack 1050 shoeboxes.  Come one, come all!

There is a concern about how the mats are kept in the closet to prevent them from bending. New mats are being wrinkled due to sitting on floor. 


Next board meeting will be Dec. 2 from 9-11.
General Meeting is Dec.9, the Holiday Luncheon. 

Holiday fest:  Donna Aybar is the chairman for the fiber arts room.  Dec. 6 is set up.  Building will be closed from Friday through Sun.   6-8 building is closed.
We will be selling the opportunity tickets during this time.  We will also be selling for the GED. 

The preview sale for GED donations, is Friday, Nov. 15, from 10-12.

Marka Locker and Carol Moonan attended the Houston International Quilt Festival. 

Quilt Show:
March 21-23rd.  More information to come at future meetings.  Any quilt, new or old (as long as it was not shown in the last show).

2020 Board Proposed:

President:  Ronda Jones
VP – Marka Locker
Treasurer:  Cheryl Skummer
Secretary:  Carol Moonan
Community Service:  Patsy Wagner/Mary Hill Co–Chairman
Education:  Sandy Crabtree and Carole Schumacher
Publicity: Linda Rowe
Long Arm:  Roberta Penchina – Chairman,  Linda Publicover, Irene Lukes, Erma Taylor

Standing Committees:
Sales:  JoEllen Cruze
Historian/Website:  Ronda Jones
Emeritus:  Jean Fry
We will vote at the December luncheon:  Dec. 9 (11:30 in the Chianti Room) 

Chris Booth moved to adjourn.  Lynn Hupp seconded the motion.  
All in favor.
Jean adjourned the meeting at 8:00 pm.

Respectfully Submitted
Teri Burnett, Secretary