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We loaded up "Miss Ve" (we named our motor coach), including my sewing machine, and left PC June 9. I was able to deliver "Summer Sherbet" to my youngest granddaughter, Eva Schumacher in Fargo, ND as a summer celebration. She loves it!
In Virginia, I got to hand deliver "Mama's Final Notes-2" to my little sister, Wanda Alger. This is the 3rd in my series of Mama's finals (3 sisters are we) and has the musical theme since Wanda has a masters in music, and because of the "Amazing Grace" we witnessed during Mom's battle with Alzheimers. It was so much fun quilting the words to the first verse onto the quilt. She was more intrigued with the back with the music until she realized what the front was all about! And yes, I gave her the Market Tote with it! 
While setting up camp at my other sister's house in Tennessee, I made Sharon a few Market Totes. When she mentioned she had a pair of Chico jeans that she didn't wear anymore, (and a few fabric scraps) what else could I do?? And remember the Nursing fabric that was sold out everywhere - I found some in Ohio on my way to Tennessee, so made Sharon (a retired RN) a nurse tote. I'm addicted to making these totes!

Now I'm catching up with my Quilt Journal so that I can start all over again! And, I have a few quilts to quilt that I pieced along the way. Stay tuned...

I'm thankful for courage in the face of fear. Stay strong my friends!
Carole Schumacher

Complete with doggy photo bomb.  Lots of fun Halloween fabrics! Lynda Parker  (and Roxie)

Does anyone know anything about these little applique and embroidered blocks I rescued for the community service intake box, maybe 2 years ago or so?
I thought they were so sweet, but didn't know what I would do with them and last week I made them into little zippy bags!
Donna Aybar 

Nan Perkins - One more project

I would like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to our friend Nancy Hoth.  Nancy just finished this twin quilt using a random collection of seemingly mismatching 5" squares she had collected over time.  
What I really love about this quilt is the way Nancy grouped coordinating squares to make a larger 4 patch block, and I really love that effect...the blocks now seem to go together more than they might have otherwise.
Definitely going to give this a try with my collection of 5" squares!
[๐Ÿ‘] [๐Ÿ‘] [๐Ÿ‘] [๐Ÿ‘] [๐Ÿ‘] [๐Ÿ‘] [๐Ÿ‘]
Donna Aybar

Done, done, UFO from class, one newly created quilt...
Christine Booth  

I had never even heard of English Paper Piecing until Linda. In case you cannot read the attached label, it says:
Hex on the Beach
Set sail from Hancocks in Paducah, KY in 2013 with Linda Shaver at the helm. Some hex happened but suddenly Salt Water Tula Pink shipwrecked. 
Carole exhumed the beached UFO in 2020 for a 21-state, 11-week voyage, including a stopover in Virginia to team up with Bright Ombrรฉ Effervescence. 
The quilt docked in PebbleCreek where the former castaway will make her forever home on a new beach. 
Thatโ€™s my story and Iโ€™m sticking to it. And yes. I donโ€™t think Iโ€™m gonna specialize in English Paper Piecing but it was a fun experience. Thanks for the partnership Linda!
Carole Schumacher

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