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October 7th, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes (to the best of my ability)

Previous minutes passed.

Motion re: long arm Marka made motion on Section 4 Officers and Executive Board, seconded by Judy Frank. Took questions and discussed. Board all in favor. Passed Will be voted on by general membership. Motion added – With one exception; Long arm term will be unlimited due to the complexities of the machine and the education of using the machine.

VP - Holiday Luncheon. Discussed – PCQ will pay taxes and gratuity for members.

Secretary – absent

Treasurer – See the website for figures.   Roberta asked about $ that comes in for long arm – where it goes – it goes into the general fund, credited to the long arm line item.

Veterans Cynthia Schwartz –re: luncheon it was made clear that the luncheon is a PCQ affair and the program in the theatre is an activities office affair. All monies donated for the luncheon will go into the general fund.  Donations will pay for PCQ attendees – Cynthia, Jean, Marka, Linda Publicover, Carol Moonan, Ronda, speaker, all 20 vets and several others. Cheryl will create a line item for the luncheon monies. Cynthia will work with Cheryl. Donations came from Rotary, Democratic and Republican clubs, Craig Hauger of Queststar and 2 anonymous donors. Opportunity Quilt and tickets sales will be handled by Chris Booth for this event.

Quilt Show – March, 2020 Barb Mauer is asking for budget of $500 to cover costs so Cheryl will create new line item. Marka and Carol Moonan will assist with show.

Window displays – Cynthia Schwartz reported that Nov. will be a brag display. For 2020, we will keep the same schedule with the rug hookers. Cynthia will continue with windows through January, 2020 so we need another volunteer to take over.

Long Arm – Roberta - Club received bobbin donation. Will tell members at next general meeting that folks can buy their own bobbins.

Linda Rowe – There is going to be a PCQ pot luck on Oct. 16th at the Oasis pool from 4 – 7 pm. Linda is sending out an email SOON!
Judy Frank – 376 items collected 14 for breast cancer, 13 dog beds. Cynthia Schwartz will be taking over the dog beds.

Charity Sew Day on October 19th. Making hope bags. 35 kits are ready to go.
Linda Strauss had donated a quilt – quilted and bound by Diane Johnson - Judy asked the board what we should do with it and it was decided that it will be put into the Gallery for sale $125.00.? approx..

Sandy Crabtree re: quality of scissors and blades. Sandy’s husband will take scissors home and sharpen for us and Judy will purchase new rotary cutter blades. Cost out of equipment and supply.

Jean received a thank you note from Kare Bears for a quilt.
Education Kathy Brown and Sandy Crabtree –
Spicey Spiral class coming up – Irma will be assisting.
Diane Johnson will teach a Nov. 5 class on 4 patch posie quiit.
Carol Schumacher has volunteered to teach a quilting 101 class. Sandy showed the quilt top they would be making. Discussed using Crafty/Blueprint by Krista Watson for the 101 model. Blue print offers 1 month trial subscription – thought was we would need for 2 months. Survey will be taken at general meeting to see who wants to attend. Looking at Sundays, and Thursdays from Jan 5 to Feb 9. Each student would have a mentor.
Sandy Crabtree reported that Krista Watson has agreed to trunk show. – looking toward spring luncheon. Cost would be $450 plus travel costs. Sandy is working on. Kathy Brown made motion, Judy seconded for Krista Watson to come to luncheon and for costs. Motion passed. Will announce at general meeting. Marka is double checking the spring luncheon date with catering and will let Sandy and Ronda know. (should be April 13th)

Donna Wisnoski would like to have the 2nd Friday in Jan, Feb and March for quilt documentation.

Jean raised possibility of changing general meeting time from a start of 7 pm to 6:30 pm. Decided to leave time as is. Judy Frank suggested we only show finished pieces. Ronda suggested we leave time as is and hold our meetings year round – no skipping a month - Jean then proposed we meet year round and ask members to only show finished pieces. That’s where we left it.

Ronda volunteered to handle nominating for 2020 board positions. Chery Skummer discussed having nominating committee made up of members from the board – will visit at Jan meeting.

Ronda asked for renewal of GO Daddy for 3 years. She will call to get renewal cost ($800??) Cost will come out of office supplies and administration.

Cynthia discussed possibility of getting pickle ballers into the Arts and Craft building/gallery during the next pickleball tournament. Make items with pickleball themes? Have a silent auction at that time??

Motion to adjourn made by Jean and seconded by Cheryl.
Respectfully submitted
Marka Locker for Teri Burnett