PebbleCreek Quilters


PC Pet Companion Club   DOG BEDS
The club makes dog beds for the PebbleCreek Pet Companion Club.

From the fabrics donated to the club, we chose ones that would best fit the use of a dog bed.  They are made in various sizes, then stuffed with the scraps.


The board has voted to change the way we have been creating dog beds, the reason is to let the whole club share in the fun and not have one or two people doing the work.

So, we are asking that you create a bed with your scraps.  There will be the outside or the body  of the bed already made for your use.  These beds will be placed in the large purple tub in one of the moveable sewing tables.  Just grab one, take it home, cut the scraps in small sizes as pictured below, stuff the bed until it is full and then sew the opening together on the outside of the bed.  Quite simple.

If you have your own fabric, make a bed using one of the following sizes:  Dogs come in all shapes and sizes and like to stretch out, so most sizes will work.

24 wide x 18 long

29 x 29 square

28 wide by 36 long

40 wide x 30 long

Just sew the fabric with right sides together on all sides, but be sure to leave an opening large enough for you to stuff the scraps into the bed.  Turn the sewn bed right side out and begin to stuff with the smaller pieces of scraps that you have cut.

These scraps will not work in the beds, they are much too large and will just make a big bump in the bed.

These cut sizes of scraps will work.  Please remember to use your leftover batting.  It is quite comfortable and works well.

 Please contact Donna Aybar if you need clarification on the instructions.

Once you have completed the bed, please notify Donna Aybar and she will make arrangements to get the bed from you.

Thanks for all of you wonderful generosity to these helpless creatures.


The collection of toiletry items such as shampoo, conditioner, small bars of soap and mouth wash in small plastic bottles like you get in a hotel, is one of the projects that goes continues throughout the year.

One your next vacation, please help by bringing some of these items home from your hotel.