PebbleCreek Quilters


Any of these are perfect sizes for the beds.

The size of the bed is determined by the size of the dog that you want to make it for.  You can see that a small dog even need a larger bed.

Some finished sizes that are stuffed and ready to go.

There are pre-made beds available in the sewing room in one of the cutting tables.  Just take one, fill it with the cut up scraps, stitch it together on the outside of the bed and return it to the room.

New Rules for Dog Beds, effective 2-7-2020

The collection of scraps in the room has once again become  unmanageable. Therefore, starting immediately, please help out:

Take a dog bed cover located under the largest cubicle.  It has a sign indicating this is the location for Dog Bed covers. 

Cut your own scraps so they are no bigger than 4 inches by 4 inches.

Place inside the Dog Bed cover.

Fill the Dog Bed cover to the point that it would be comfortable for a dog.  (Not too full but just right.)

Sew the cover closed when filled to a comfortable level.

Bring the completed bed to the room for distribution.

Put them on the chair rack.

We thank you for your cooperation and performing a nice task by keeping your scraps out of the land fill and giving a needy dog a bed.

Patsy Wager and Mary Hill
Community Service Chairs

These strips of fabric are too large to insert into a bed because they will just become a large lump in the bed..