PebbleCreek Quilters



1. All members of a PebbleCreek approved club are expected to follow the direction of the duly elected officers (President, Treasurer, Secretary) of the club or their appointed representative (s) in an orderly manner at all functions of the club.

2. The officers of a club have the right to deny a member from participating in a club function or activity if they feel that their participation would adversely affects the other members of the club or organization.

3. The officers or their representative (s) may request  a member to  leave a function or activity if the participant(s) has on more than one occasion refused to follow directions  or who is disruptive, disrespectful of the officers, their representative (s) or other member of the club or organization. The offender (s) is subject to disciplinary action.


1. If the offending member (s) does not leave when requested the PebbleCreek Patrol will be called.

2. The member(s) maybe refused participation in club function or meetings for  30 days.

3. A second infraction will result in expulsion from the club or organization with a unanimous vote of the club’s board. The offender has the right to request a hearing in front of the club’s officers and may request a spokesperson (the spokesperson must be a member of the club in good standing).

4. The offender may, if they wish, appeal to the PebbleCreek HOA Board. The Board has the right not to hear the appeal.


Section 1 ~ Name

The name of this organization is PebbleCreek Quilters.

 Section 2 ~ Form of Organization, Purpose and Operation.

2.1 PebbleCreek Quilters is organized as a club.

2.2 Its purpose is to promote fellowship among quilters and to initiate quilt programs and workshops. It inspires and shares knowledge and ideas with fellow quilters while creating and distributing various items to local charities. Each member is free to participate in as much or as little of the groups programs as they wish.

2.3 It will conduct its business democratically and in accordance with Pebble Creek Homeowner's Association Rules (PCHOA).

 Section 3 ~ Membership

3.1 Eligibility: Membership is limited to PebbleCreek residents. Guests are invited to attend up to two (2) general meetings prior to becoming a member with voting and participation privileges.

3.2 Member Waiver Form. Each new member must complete the Member Waiver form prescribed by the PCHOA. The completed form will be kept in a file maintained by the Treasurer of the club.

3.3 Remuneration: No individual member may receive compensation for services rendered in support of the activities of this organization from non-members or outside sources without approval of the PCHOA Board of Directors. Compensation includes merchandise, services, benefits or rebates from vendors providing services or merchandise to this organization that are not provided to every member. With the approval of the Executive Board, reimbursement of actual expenses or reasonable   compensation to members of this organization from organization funds for services rendered to the members of this organization may be permitted. Additionally, with the approval of the Executive Board, discounts to members for merchandise or services that are provided equally to all members or all participants in a particular activity sponsored by the Club may be permitted.                                                             

3.4 The Board of Directors shall determine annual membership dues to cover the anticipated Club business expenses.

3.5 Club membership runs from January 1 through December 31, although new members may join at any time. Members may withdraw their membership by notifying the Treasurer of their intentions.
Section 4 ~ Officers and Executive Board

4.1 Officers: The officers of PebbleCreek Quilters will be President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Publicity, Community Service, Education and Long Arm . They will be elected for a 1 year term not to exceed two (2) terms for the same office and will serve until their successors are installed. With one exception: Long arm term will be unlimited due to the complexities of the machine and the education of using the machine.

4.2 Executive Board: The organization's affairs will be managed by the Executive Board composed of the officers.  The Executive Board will appoint one (1) member of the club to conduct an annual audit of the Treasurer.

4.3 The newly elected Executive Board will also appoint to the Board a former officer who has held a board position in the last three (3) years to the position of Emeritus, who will act as an advisor in a non-voting capacity.  This person will be appointed for a one (1) year term not to exceed two (2) years.

4.4  All board officers may vote, present motions, second motions, etc. and fully participate in meeting functions.

4.5 Removal of an Officer: Any member may propose the removal of an officer for failure to perform the duties that they were elected to perform. If two or a number greater than two of the other members concur in the proposal, a meeting of the members will                                  
be notified and held. At the meeting the reasons for removal will be presented and the officer in question will be given an opportunity to be heard. At the conclusion of the hearing portion of the meeting, the proposal will be put to a vote. Removal of an officer requires a majority vote of those present at the meeting, a quorum having been established. In the event an officer is removed from office, the Secretary will notify the officer in writing. 

Section 5 ~ Duties of Officers

5. President:

(a) The President will preside over both board meetings and monthly meetings, assuring that the organization remains in compliance with PCHOA Rules applicable to it.

(b) Prepare and file with the PCHOA Rules Compliance Committee (RCC) the annual submission required under the PCHOA Rules.                                                            

(c) Prepare and file any notices that the PCHOA Rules require the organization to file with the RCC or other PCHOA Committees.

(d) Make the annual financial report available to the members. (e) Oversee the activities of other officers.

(e) Call meetings when deemed appropriate.

(f) Seek ways to improve the organization consistent with the wishes of the members.

(g) Assure Instructor Registration and Waiver forms are completed and instructor payments are submitted to the PCHOA 

5.2 Vice-President:

(a) Assist President in all her duties and help with organization of special events
5.3 Treasurer:

(a) Maintain the financial records of the organization.

(b) The financial reports will be posted on the website.

(c) Prepare an annual financial report as required by the PHCOA Rules.

(d) Prepare such other reports as may be required by the Executive Board.
5.4 Secretary:

(a) Maintain records as required by the Executive Board.

(b) Record minutes at monthly business meeting and all board meetings.  The minutes shall be posted to the website.

5.5 Publicity:

The chairperson will be responsible for taking pictures, writing articles and publicize pertinent Club events for local publications.

5.6 Community Service:

(a) The chairperson will be responsible for planning Community Service projects for the year.

(b) Proposed changes to the list of charities the club supports are to be submitted to the Board for approval.

 (c) Will be responsible to see that all commitments to community service projects are completed.
5.7 Education:

The chairperson will be responsible for planning educational events.
5.8 Long Arm:

The chair person will be responsible for the maintenance, education, and charges and costs incurred in use of machine.  All the above with the approval of the Board.

Section 6 ~ Election of Officers

6.1 Election: Officers will be elected each year for a one (l) year term.  Absentee ballots may be utilized with approval of the Executive Board. Election must be by a majority of the members in attendance and by absentee ballot, a quorum having been established.

6.2 Commencement of Term:

A new slate of officers will be announced at the November General Meeting.  Voting and installation will occur at the December General Meeting.  Newly elected officers will begin their term upon installation.

6.3 Successive Terms: All officers who are members in good standing will be eligible for re-election for up to two consecutive years.

Section 7 ~ Committees

7.1 Committees may be established by the President as needed.

7.2 Sub-committees can be created by the chairperson/s as needed.

Section 8 ~ Communications/Website

8.1 The chairperson will maintain club communications and records.
Section 9 ~ Meetings

9.1 Annual Meeting: An annual meeting will be noticed and held each year in the month of January.

9.2 Regular and Other Meetings. Regular and other meetings will be held at times, the location being determined by the President with approval of the organization. Appropriate notice will be given to members. Pebble Creek Quilters monthly business meeting will be held on the second Monday evening of each month at 7:00pm unless notified otherwise.                                                        

9.3 A Quorum is 25% of the membership.

Section 10 ~ Dues and Fees

10.1 Dues: Membership dues must be established by a majority vote of the members. Dues will be established to cover anticipated Club business expenses.   First time members joining July through December of a given year will have their dues reduced to one half (1/2) of the annual membership dues. 

10.2 Fees: Fees for activities, including instructor fees, must be approved by the Executive Board and must be in compliance with the HOA Rules of Section 10.5. Any un-budgeted expense of $500 or more must be approved by a majority vote of the membership, a quorum having been established. Fees for each educational program/workshop will be established by the Education Committee with Board approval.
Section 11 ~ Amendments

Amendments to these bylaws require a majority approval of the total membership. (i) At least one week after regular meeting at which the proposed amendment or amendments were read, or (ii) after giving one week prior written notice of the proposed amendment or amendments to each member.
Section 12 ~ Dissolution

In the event of the dissolution of the organization, the following actions will take place:

(a) All members will be notified of the dissolution and advised they are liable for any outstanding debts.

(b) All outstanding debts will be paid.

 (c) After debts are paid, any monies received from members that can be equitably returned to the members may be returned to them if the organization elects. Monies not so returned and any other monies held by the organization will be donated to a charitable organization or the PCHOA.

  (d) The club will obtain approval for the dissolution from the PCHOA Board of Directors.

Chris Booth,  President
Helen Phillips,  Secretary

Effective on:  March 1, 2013

Revised February 6, 2017
​Revised 10-7-19 - Section 4 - Jean Fry President & Teri Burnett Secretary