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Quilt Documentation Papers 

(This is not an appraisal)

Why not document your quilt/s for future generations to enjoy and to share the history of your quilt/s with others?

You can do that by having your quilt/s documented by some fellow quilters in the club.

 Documentation days will be planned according to the calendar at least once a month. Each lady will be assigned a time slot for her quilt/s. 

  This will be an ongoing project, so there will be opportunities in the future to bring in more quilts.

Please print out all of the forms needed to document you quilt.  They are as follows:

Ownership Information:  This is a three (3) page form that you as the owner of the quilt are requested to complete.  Only you know the information requested and if you have purchased the quilt or inherited it and do not know the provenance, please indicate with "unknown" for questions 3 thru 10.  As the owner you will be able to complete questions 1 and 2 and, if there are problems,the documentors will be able to help.

Quilt Documentation Form:  This is a seven (7) page form and you are requested to complete as many of the questions as possible, but it will be gone over by the documentors to make sure the answers are correct and interpreted correctly.  Question 8 applies only to antique quilts.  Question 13 applies to any inscriptions that are on the top of the quilt, whereas question 31.10 applies to the label on the back of the quilt.  Do not worry about the answers as the documentors have the training to make sure everything is correct.

Release Form:  This must be completed and signed as this is necessary for your quilt to be entered into the National Quilt Index.

​Please click on HERE below to print the forms required.

Quilt Documentation Forms 2017 (7 pages) Click HERE

Release Form 2017 (1 Page) click HERE

Ownership History Maker Profile 2017 (3 pages) Click HERE