SHARON PUCELIK - STORM AT SEA - 63" x 85" - Machine pieced by Sharon.  Machne quilted by Sandy Ross.  I took a class at Quilters Quarters, a quilt store in Stockton Ca.  The fabric in this quilt was left overs from the quilts my grandchildren made during summer sewing camps 7 kids over about 15 years.

CHERYL MC GOVERN - MINI FEATHERED STAR - 34" x 34" - Machine pieced & machine quilted by Cheryl.  Designed by Cindi Edgerton.  Made to be displayed on a special spot on my wall. It also gave me an opportunity to use my new sit down long arm quilting machine.

HELEN PHILLIPS - ONE BLOCK WONDER - 63" x 66 " Machine pieced, machine quilted  and designed by Helen.  One Block Wonder by Maxine Rosenthal and Linda Bardes.  Linda Labenz encouraged me to take her class on One Block Wonders. Loved the creativity.


JO ANNE CLEMENTS - TRADEWINDS - 62" x 74" - Machine pieced by Jo Anne.  Machine quilted by Janet Wise.  Designed by Crazy Quilt Designs pattern.  Donna Jordan from Jordan Fabrics was doing a You Tube tutorial on this pattern.  I watched her tutorial over and over again and make this quilt while watching her excellent lesson.  I learned so much by doing this quilt and Donna Jordan giving her tips.

RONDA JONES - LOG CABIN IRISH CHAIN - 110" x 110" - Machine pieced and machine quilted by Ronda.  I took a class from Erma Taylor and designed the quilt from that class.  My first large quilt and my first experience using the long arm machine.

JO ANNE CLEMENTS - 9 PATCH TABLE RUNNER - 20" x 70" Machine pieced, machine quilted and designed by JoAnne.  I attended a 9 patch quilt class at PebbleCreek Quilters.  By taking the class, I learned that the possibilities of a 9 patch are endless.  It was so fun to see the many possibilities of so many designs.

ROBERTA PENCHINA - FALLING LEAVES - 49" x 49" - Machine pieced, machine quilted and designed by Roberta.  Variation of the Log Cabin pattern with Autumn leaves falling in the border

JACKIE CAMERON - 25 CENTER PATCHWOOD BLOCKS - 108" x 96" Machine pieced by Jackie from a book "Around the Block" by Judy Hopkins, machine quilted and  quilting designed by Marti Norton.  I selected 25 center patchwork blocks from "Around the Block" by Judy Hopkins. Idea for sashing around these blocks similar to Lorna's Saturday Surprise quilt found at All other piecing design work for front and back by Jackie Cameron.
I joined the Sampler Quilt group in January 2019 with just a notion of colors desired for a new bedroom quilt. Exactly one year later and over 48 fabrics used, it was completed!

CHERYL MC GOVERN - FROM MY HEART TO YOUR HANDS: A QUILT SAMPLER - 71" x 88" - Machine pieced and machine quilted by Cheryl.  Designed by Lori Smith.  Totally scrappy. I love the precision and accuracy required to make all the pieces fit. Its such a challenge.

MARY COOMBS - YELLOW BRICK ROAD - 84.50" X 90.50" - Machine pieced, machine quilted and designed by Mary from a patten called Atkinson Designs.  I bought the fabric on a 2 month trip up the West coast that started in Mexico and ended back in Goodyear, Arizona. My original fabric I started with was purchased in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.

ROSEMARY VANASCO - FOUR PATCH STRIPES - 60" x 80" - Machine piece and machine quilted by Rosemary - deigned by Raymond Steeves

This was a class given by Raymond Steeves who works for 35 Ave Sew and Vac. It was a great class. I was one of two people who signed up, so it was a great one-on-one class.

SANDY CRABTREE - FRIENDSHIP STARS - 68" x 68" Machine pieced & machine quilted by Sandy.  Designed by Christa Watson from Christa Watson’s “Quilting - Startup Library” class on Bluprint (Craftsy). I made this quilt during our January 2020 Quilting 101 class. As a mentor, I wanted to be sure I was “keeping up with our students”! I used a fabric kit from Bluprint, so this quilt looks just like Christa Watson’s.

JOANNE CLEMENTS - SPINNING BLOCKS - 45" x 60" - Machine pieced and designed by JoAnne.  Machine quilted by Janet Weise.  I saw a photo in a magazine of the design.  I could not find the pattern, so I made my own.  When I saw a photo of these whirly gigs, I thought it would be fun to make. 

ROBERTA PENCHINA - MARINERS COMPASS - 83" x 83" - Machine pieced & machine quilted by Roberta.  Designer by  Judy Niemeyer Prairie Star - paper piecing. I always wanted to make a Mariner's Compass for my Merchant Marine son. 

HELEN PHILLIPS - DISAPPEARING HOURGLASS - 76" x 85" - Machine pieced, machine quilted and designed by Helen.  I modified a Jenny Doan tutorial pattern.  This quilt was made for my husband, Mike Phillips. Mike picked out the fabric and he suddenly realized the cost of fabric. That was the last time he traveled with me to a quilt shop.

Panel was purchased at a quilt shop in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  The construction/road theme panel was an inspiration to make a little boy's quilt. I chose the border fabrics to coordinate with colors in the quilt panel. Since we have been unable to use the long arm to quilt, I machine top stitched the outline of the the construction trucks, roads, and signage.

If you would like to purchase tickets for our 2020 Opportunity Quilt using PayPal, Cash or Check, please use this link:

CHRIS BOOTH - SHADES OF BLUE - 63" x 69" - Machine pieced and machine quilted by Chris. The pattern was created by my friend Mary Johnson, in Virginia, called 5-7-7-9.  Just loved the fabric, needed a blue quilt for our bedroom...

SHARON PUCELIK - RADIANCE - 72" x 91" - Machine pieced by Sharon.  Machine quilted by Cheryl McGovern.  Designed by Missouri Starr ruler by Rob Appell of Man Sewing.   A fun way to use fabrics from my stash.

CAROL MOONAN - HAPPY HALLOWEEN - 48" x 64" - Machine pieced and machine quilted by Carol.  Designed By  Turnstile by Plum Tree Quilts PTQ-027.  This was a fun quilt to make! I will give it to my son-in-law, Jon. His birthday is in October.

LINDA DANIELSON - MIDNIGHT FLIGHT - 52" x 64: - Machine pieced by Linda.  Machine quilted by Patty Wilson - Designed by Country Sampler - Spring Green, Wisconsin.  This was a kit from the shop but not a complete kit. I had fun filling in fabrics with the partial kit.

CHERYL G. LOONEY - KIDS ANNIVERSARY - 110" x 110" - Machine pieced & machine quilted by Cheryl.  Designed by French Braid Classic.  This quilt was made for my children's  30th Wedding Anniversary in  2019. It was in development for 2 years. My husband Leon helped with the colors and placement of colors.

JONNIE CHANDLER - SMALL BOY'S CONSTRUCTION SITE CHARITY QUILT - 48" X 42" - Machine pieced, machine quilted and designed by Jonnie.

CAROLE SCHUMACHER - TO HAVE & TO HOLD -  74" x 82" - Machine pieced and machine quilted by Carole.  Designed by Carole using a disappearing 9-patch theme.  Made for my son, Dillon and his bride-to-be, Kristy, who are getting married in North Dakota on October 3, 2020. Meaning of center block: They are creating a blended family with 4 kids from Dillon (4 strips on top) and 3 kids from Kristy (3 strips on bottom) with a white strip in the middle reflecting Dillon and Kristy's marriage. The Market Tote is the gift bag.

PAM BRANFUHR - PICNIC WITH FRIENDS - 84" x 77" - Machine pieced & machine quilted by Pam.  Designed by Missouri Star.  This quilt was easy to do and went together very fast. I added the ants because no picnic is a picnic without ants.

CAROL MOONAN - FOR HANORA - 53" x 68" Machine pieced & machine quilted by Carol.

Pattern is called, "Farm Sweet Farm". Purchased as a kit from the Log Cabin Quilt Shop, Bird in Hand, PA No other identification of the exact pattern designer.  This will be gifted to a good friend's new baby daughter, Hanora. I hope she will enjoy using it as an I Spy quilt as she grows older.

TORI BENZ-HILLSTROM - 1876 CENTENNIAL REPLICA QUILT - 89" x 89" - Hand pieced and machine pieced by Tori.  Machine quilted by Karen Mc Tavish, Duluth MN.  Unknown designer, owned by Barbara Menasian, CT and patterned by Anne Dawson, WA.  
As a new quilter I naively took on this pilot project with 18 other quilting friends in the San Juan Islands of WA state. I learned every piecing technique you can think of over the 2 years it to complete, it was difficult but rewarding!

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TORI-BENZ HILLSTROM - MARQUISE - 48" x 64: Hand pieced by Tori, hand quilted by Clara Borntreger, MN and Marquise pattern by Tula Pink.  English paper piecing has had a revival/become ‘all the rage’ and I went ‘all in’! This quilt has 1349 hexagons and I guesstimate I sewed 200K stitches before the Mennonite hand quilter Clara added hers! Old meets new, modern fabric/quilt design all created by hand.

Michelle McKee - Heathers Lacy Heart - 49" x 51" - Machine pieced by Michelle, machine quilted by Gail Keralong and designed by Sandra Berry.  This pattern came out of the book Quick and Easy Romantic Quilts by Sandra Berry Berryvine Designs.
I love hearts. I thought this would be a nice pattern to make for family member when they got married. So far I only made one other for my step son and his wife.

PAM BRANFUHR - ROUND LOG CABIN - 43" x 72 " - Machine pieced & machine quilted by Pam.  Designed by Missouri Star quilts. I made this quilt for the Log Cabin Challenge a few years ago. I love the bright colors that made this quilt pop.