PebbleCreek Quilters

September 4, 2018 

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Chris Booth, Jean Fry, Helen Phillips, JoEllen Cruze, Mary Sheldon, and Liz Gray
COMMITTEE MEMBERS PRESENT:  Judy Frank, Roberta Penchina, Patsy Wagner, Donna Wisnoski, and Lynne Hupp
Also present:  Webmaster Ronda Jones, and Linda Shaver, Emeritus 

Chris Booth called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.  The June 4, 2018 Board meeting minutes stand approved as posted. 


President:  Chris Booth noted improvements to the Diamondback Room included new chairs and tables, along with new paint and floors polished.  Additional items will be provided in accordance with the budget for the Creative Arts Building. 

Vice President:  Jean Fry reported a meeting has been scheduled with Banquet Facilities regarding the Christmas luncheon to be held on December 10.

Secretary:  No report. 

Treasurer:  JoEllen Cruze stated the current balance is $11,760.  Treasurer’s report is available on the website. 

Programs/Education:  Chris Booth noted the disappearing 9-patch class scheduled for September 11 is not a community service project, but members may use donated fabrics in the cabinets for the class to make a charity quilt. 

Community Service:  Judy Frank reported approximately 37 quilts, and 17 dog beds were donated for a total of 54 items since June. 

         Mellissa Masters donated numerous fabrics recently as she prepared to move to Idaho.  

          Community service projects are scheduled for September 15 where members will make zippy-strippy bags, and on                     October 20 for the Hope bags.  

           In November, Linda Labenz has volunteered to conduct a spray basting class for members quilting charity items on                         their domestic machines. 

Long Arm:  Roberta Penchina noted the issue of skipping stitches is being addressed.  Also a new power cord with surge protection will be purchased.

Publicity:  Lynne Hupp was present for Marlene Kuskie during her absence.  No report. 

Sales:  No report. 

Social:  Mary Sheldon reported the next social is being planned for October 22 and will be a Halloween social.

Librarian:  Liz Gray reported additional books have been received and recently organized. 

Historian:  No report.
Webmaster:  No report. 

Display Window:  Chris Booth noted the one block wonder display created by Cathy Howell and Wendy Gilbert for the month of September. 


Opportunity Quilt:  Chris Booth requested suggestions for events or locations to display the quilt and sell tickets.  Liz Gray will check on displaying quilt at Veterans’ Day event. 

Quilt Show:  No report.
Challenge Quilt:  No report. 

Documentation:  Donna Wisnoski noted the veterans’ quilts will be documented later this month.  Additional volunteers are needed and those volunteers will need to be trained prior to January.  Ronda Jones will send out a request to the members.

Veterans’ Appreciation Quilts:  Liz Gray reported we have 15 recipients planning to attend the November 11 Veterans’ Day program at 2:00 p.m.  Over 25 quilts have been completed.  

No old business noted. 


Chris Booth noted the Holiday Festival is scheduled for Saturday, December 1 and the rooms in the Creative Arts Building will be closed November 30, December 1 and 2.  A request has been received for Christmas themed quilts to be hung from the ceiling in the hall. 

A workshop has been scheduled for September 26, from 9 am to 4 pm to work on the Jeremy Chandler scholarship fund quilt. 

Donna Wisnoski reported the World War I quilt will be displayed at the Arizona Quilters Association meeting on October 27. 

JoEllen Cruze noted there is $2,300 in a regular savings account and $6,500 in a separate long arm savings account.  Lynne Hupp motioned the regular savings account funds be transferred to the checking account and then the regular savings account be closed.  Jean Fry seconded the motion and the motion carried. 

Lynne Hupp motioned that a proposal be made to the members to raise dues to $25 per year for members in 2019.  JoEllen Cruze seconded the motion and it carried.  The proposed increase in dues will be presented to the membership for approval. 

Chris Booth noted a nomination committee will be appointed to prepare a slate of officers for 2019.  The proposed slated of officers will presented to the membership at the November meeting.  The members will then vote on the slate of offices at the December luncheon. 

Chris Booth noted the next general membership meeting will be held on September 10, 2018 at 7:00 p.m., with a social beginning at 6:30 p.m., in the Diamondback Room.  The next board meeting will be held on Monday, October 1, 2018 at 9 a.m.

Lynne Hupp moved the meeting be adjourned, and  Jean Fry seconded.  Motion approved.

Respectfully submitted
By Helen Phillips