PebbleCreek Quilters

General Meeting September 3, 2019

Jean Fry, Cheryl Skummer, Teri Burnett, Judy Frank 

Linda Rowe, Patsy Wagner, Cynthia Schwartz, Ronda Jones,   Karen Rubsam, Lynne Hupp,  Irene Lukes 

Donna Aybar, Emeritus

CALL TO ORDER:  Jean Fry called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.
The July 2019 meeting minutes stand approved as posted. 

President: Jean Fry
New member:  Chris Urbatchka
Thanks, Ronda, for leading the board meeting last week.  We have such a great group here and a great place to live!

Quilt show in 2020: 
Questions/comments from group:  Do we have enough time to pull it off in March? 
The gallery would really like to have it to show off our artwork. 
Previously, it was set up on Friday, and ran Sat and Sun morning. 
Linda Rowe , Nan Perkins, Pam Branfuhr volunteered to help.  
Pam Branfurh made motion to hold the show next spring.  Tori Benz-Hillstrom Seconded. 

2020 Board Members:  I need someone to chair looking for board members for 2020.   (Pasty Wagner -to do charity?)   

New Hope for New Life Center:  We are looking for someone to chair this program, and Donna Aybar is will to be the liaison and will be a back up for this person.  Roxanne Dullas has volunteered to do this program. 

Road to California – Anniversary
In January.  Bus takes us to California and delivers us on sight. 
Contact person: 
Joyce Pors
9038 W Bajada Road
Peoria, AZ 85383-3752

Fabric Sale:  Linda Strauss is moving and wants to sell her fabric.  Whatever is not sold she is going to donate.  Judy Frank told her to let me know when the sale is, and we will post it and then will pick up anything that is left over.

Suggestion was made to put out more quilts hung from the ceiling a few times thoughout the year.  Pam Branfuhr and Sue Whaples are going to head a committee to get this ready.

Meeting in October with community folks for the December Christmas luncheon.  Mulqueen cards are in.

All entries for the logo contest are due into Teri Burnett by the end of September.  Winner will be announced at the October meeting.  $50 prize!

Long Arm Savings $ 7,706.22
Checking  $ 5,949.58
Petty Cash  $ 50.00
Balance  $ 13,705.80
Report on website.

Programs and Education:  No report 

Community Service: Judy Frank
Received thank you card for donations
Sat. 21st, Zippy Strippy bags for New life center.
Oct. Sat. 19th, The Hope Bag.  For women from New Life Center to use at Hope’s Closet.
Tumbler block quilt.  Linda Labenz and Jean Fry are organizing a charity sew day with this block.

Opportunity Quilt:
“Opportunity” is the word to get a chance to win a quilt. 
Chris Booth:  Sale dates for tickets (Sign up to volunteer to man the sales table for the following dates):
Sun Valley Quilts, Friday Nov 8 and 9
35th Ave, Nov. 15th and 16th
Dec. 7th, Holiday Festival 

Long Arm: Irene Lukes
It’s been working really well.
Policies about the longarm have been shared for everyone.

Publicity:  Cynthia Schwartz
Ryan House and Hospice of the Valley articles sent to Marlene Kuskie to send to media.

Sales: No report.

Social: Linda Rowe
Welcome back in October 16th, at the Oasis Pavilion.  Potluck.  Committee will provide drinks and paper products.  4-7 pm. 

Sewing notions, items for sale from a lady in Surprise.  This is being organized through Linda Rowe and Karen Rubsam.  Also, Sue Whaples has the availability to do the same thing, and also has the ability to get kits/patterns of some things.

Librarian:  Library is open for business!  Superior threads guide available.

Web Master/Historian:
Send pictures to Ronda Jones if you are giving quilts away while you are home for the summer. Anytime you hold a class, an event or something that pertains to the club, please take photos and send them to Ronda.

Display Window: 
Check out Judy Frank’s dolls – “Ladies”  in the window for this month!
Brag window for next window, so if you have a product you want to show, contact Cynthia Schwartz. 

Veteran’s Appreciation Quilts: Cynthia Schwartz
Working with the activities office.  There will be a luncheon before the program, so the vets and guest will be treated to a luncheon.  Then the program will be held in the theatre, and then we will invite everyone to come back to the room post event.

Ambassador:  Linda Labenz, Ambassador tours are starting in again. This is for new or existing members that would like to know more about how the club is organized and how to get involved. 

Documentation: Jan, Feb, March and April next year, on Thursday afternoon.  Donna Wisnoski 

Challenge quilt: No report.

Tori Benz-Hillstrom- UFO’s Group.  We will be setting up a time to gather to finish our UFO’s.  We can’t wait to get some of our projects finished. 

Jonnie Chandler – We would like to create a Memorial Scholarship in son, Jeremy’s, name to University of North Georgia, We are doing a Christmas quilt this year.  We will make the quilt top Tuesday, Sept. 17th.  

Wendy Gilbert - Charity sew for the Perryville GED program, Oct. 26th for the whole day.  We have graduated 19 girls from high school. Actual sale date, is Dec. 3rd.  

Retreat to Mount Claret.  Base of Camelback Mountain.  October 21st-24th.  We share cooking and there is a big room to sew in.  $175.  Contact Wendy Gilbert.

Helen Phillips motioned, Pam Branfuhr seconded.
Jean Fry adjourned the meeting at 7:32.
Next board meeting will be Oct. 7 from 9-11.
General Meeting is Oct. 14.

Respectfully Submitted
Teri Burnett, Secretary