PebbleCreek Quilters


Colorful, girly quilts that are over-sized lap or twin size.

Size of 70 x 60 please (twin size)

Natalie's House has 5 girls at a time who have been severely sexually and physically abused. These girls are ages 11 to 17. 
We will deliver 10 quilts on the first delivery so that the 5 there each has a quilt and then they have 5 in reserve. 

Photos to the right are examples of quilts given to Natalie's House

Sizes:  36 x 45  or 45 x 60  Made of 
Bright Colors
Southwest FAC is a multidisciplinary facility developed and funded by the police department of three municipalities: Avondale, Buckeye and Goodyear.  It's purpose is to provide quality investigations of abuse in the most sensitive, appropriate manner to crime victims.  Children visiting the center are from talking age to 17 years of age.  However, the majority of the children are from 6 to 9 years of age.  Each child leaves the facility with a quilt.