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Article By Marlene Kuskie in the PebbleCreek Post

Viewers’ Choice Awards of the PC Quilt Show

Attendees at the PC Quilters “Art of Quilting” Show on Sunday, March 18 were asked to select their favorite quilt in each category of the quilt show.   The following Viewers’ Choices definitely exemplified the art of quilting.

 Wall Hangings & Other Quilting Projects:  Linda Shaver                              Vintage and Applique:  Sue Whaples







Article in PebbleCreek Post by Marlene Kuskie

The PebbleCreek quilters were excited to lean that over 550 people attended their first quilt show in the Creative Arts Center on Sunday March 18, 2018.  The show had over 150 exhibits featuring everything from clothing and accessories to wall hangings, vintage, applique, traditional and modern quilts.  This did not include the projects in the large display windows that contained variation of the log cabin block.

The show also featured two presentations by Karen Bogadi and 40 of the quilts that she has created.  The quilts represented her journey of learning to sew quilts to designing quilts today.

Many members from other quilt guilds across the valley were represented and expressed appreciation about the uniqueness of the show in how we displayed and the creativeness, variety and expertise of our members.  Visitor commented on the excellent facilities of PC Creative Arts Center and the ability to display projects with space and lighting.  Attendees were able to see the quilts up close in a relaxing atmosphere with PC Quilters easily available to answer questions.

PC Quilters want to thank everyone who attended the show and their comments of appreciation of artistic talents of the exhibitors.


Traditional:  Sue Whaples

Challenge Project:  Patti Schuldt

Items donated through Community Service in May 2018
22 quilts
48 Dog Beds
17 Walker Caddys

Stitch & technique Sampler Book - taught by Kathy Brown & Dalonna Cooper
Veterans Appreciation Quilt Workshop lead by Liz Gray
CS Workshop - Boy-Oh-Boy Quilts Tops lead by Donna Aybar
Community Service Donations for the Month
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Modern: Wendy Gilbert