PebbleCreek Quilters

Modern: Wendy Gilbert.

The PebbleCreek quilters were excited to lean that over 550 people attended their first quilt show in the Creative Arts Center on Sunday March 18, 2018.  The show had over 150 exhibits featuring everything from clothing and accessories to wall hangings, vintage, applique, traditional and modern quilts.  This did not include the projects in the large display windows that contained variation of the log cabin block.

The show also featured two presentations by Karen Bogadi and 40 of the quilts that she has created.  The quilts represented her journey of learning to sew quilts to designing quilts today.

Many members from other quilt guilds across the valley were represented and expressed appreciation about the uniqueness of the show in how we displayed and the creativeness, variety and expertise of our members.  Visitor commented on the excellent facilities of PC Creative Arts Center and the ability to display projects with space and lighting.  Attendees were able to see the quilts up close in a relaxing atmosphere with PC Quilters easily available to answer questions.

Pc Quilters want to thank everyone who attended the show and their comments of appreciation of artistic talents of the exhibitors.

Article in PebbleCreek Post by Marlene Kuskie

PebbleCeekers Come Together to Help Foster Children.

Sharon Moran began a project of making bags for foster children.  So often, when children are removed from the home, they have little to go with them to their foster family.  Channel 15 featured ‘Just for Me’ during the month of February which became the conduit for the bags to be given to foster children. 

Sharon took this to heart and made bags and then filled them with items for children in transition (items for hygiene, blankets to comfort , toys, a piece of clothing, etc). Wendy Aybar (Community Service Coordinator for PebbleCreek Quilters) is shown donating quilts by the members for different ages of children.  Nimble Needles of PebbleCreek, also, made donations for the bags.

With combined efforts, our residents are making a difference in the lives of others outside our community.  Just check out your 2018 Resource Guide for phone numbers and times for gathering.  There are so many ways to become involved and help others while enjoying the fellowship of your fellow PebbleCreek Neighbors.


Spring Quilt Show    The Art of Quilting

Barb Mauer, co-chair of the Spring Quilt Show, is creating ways to display quilts with other members of the Pebblecreek Quilt Club.  Millissa Masters is co-chairing and organizing the many details for the first quilt show in the Creative Arts Center.

The Spring Quilt Show  “The Art of Quilting”  is Sunday March 18, 2019 in the PebbleCreek Creative Arts Center.  The show will be open from 10 am to 3 pm.  

 The show will feature over 150 entries that vary from traditional, modern, art creations and other projects.  The large windows will feature the 2018 Challenge Projects using the log cabin pattern.  Attendees will discover art in variations of color, pattern and form.

Free admission.  It will be a wonderful way to enjoy a Sunday in PebbelCreek and see the many talents of our residents.

Pictured below:  Donna Aybar, JoAnn Stansell, Linda Publicover, Jackie Droncheff, Carol Winston and Barb Maurer.

History and Quilting Come Together - Article by Marlene Kuskie

PebbleCreek Quilter, Donna Wisnoski, has a passion for history and quilt making.  As a result, the Arizona Quilt Documentation Project was begun within the PebbleCreek Quilters organization several years.

It is often a challenge for the quilter to sew a label on the back of a quilt when a quilt is finished.  This label needs to include such information as the date, occasion and person(s) that pieced and quilted the quilt.  As a result of not completing this last step, many quilts are handed down to family members but the wonderful stories of the quilt’s journey are lost.

Donna, along with many members, took intensive workshops to learn the art of quilt documentation.  Even though, the person that pieced and quilted the creation may not be known, through careful study of the fabric content, colors, fabric style and quilt pattern, the range of time that the quilt was created and other such characteristics can be documented.  After documentation, the quilt is labeled with a number that future persons can find the information in a national registry online.

The members of the documentation committee document quilts one afternoon per month.  This is not a quilt appraisal for how much the quilt may be worth, but more a story of information of the quilt.  For more information, please go the website and click the link Documentation if you would like to have a quilt documented.

Cheryl McGovern, Donna Cousino and quilt winner - Marlene Kuskie

Article in PebbleCreek Post March 2018 by Marlene Kuskie

Members of the PebbleCreek Quilters are always seeking new opportunities to learn new skills and express their creative talent.  The continuing education programs are scheduled weekly this winter and spring.  As members, the attendance is free and quilters provide their own materials.  Each year, the variety of new techniques/skills and use of new tools/equipment has increased the number of programs that are taught by the members of PebbleCreek Quilters.
            Saturday, January  27, members met to learn to create wallets and the many patterns that lend themselves to creative changes by the quilter.  With encouragement from teachers, Pam Bramfuhr and Sue Whaples, students  expressed their own creative talents with fabric.                                                               

            The members are also busy right now completing projects for the spring quilt show, The Art of Quilting, which will be Sunday, March 18 in the Creative Arts Building.  Free Admission will provide a wonderful way to see the talents of the membership on a Sunday in PebbleCeek.

YEAR 2018


PebbleCreek Quilters Draw Winner of Opportunity Quilt

It was with great anticipation and excitement that the winner of the Annual Opportunity Quilt Raffle was drawn.  In recent years, several members of the PebbleCreek Quilters make a quilt to be raffled at the Holiday Luncheon.  Proceeds from the raffle are used to buy supplies for community service projects, buy/maintain equipment in the fiber arts room and other activities by the membership.  Marlene Kuskie was the winner/recipient of the 2017 Opportunity Quilt.

The 2017 Opportunity Quilt was created by Cheryl McGovern and Donna Cousino.  The Southwest design of the quilt titled “Desert Ridge Trail” was designed by Elizabeth Anne Quilt Designs and personally pieced by Cheryl McGovern.  Donna Cousino designed and completed the intricate longarm quilting.

The 2018 Opportunity Quilt was revealed January 8 at the monthly meeting.  It was designed and pieced by Jean Fry and quilted by Cindy Santoro.  Look for it at PebbleCreek activities and the March 18, 2018 quilt show.  Tickets are $1 for 1 or 6 tickets for $5.  

Article for PebbleCreek Post by Marlene Kuskie

PebbleCreek Quilters Make a Difference

No one looks forward to when they might have to be a resident of a memory unit or assisted care.  The hours are long and anxiety is often a part of memory loss.  The PebbleCreek Quilters hope to make a difference in the lives of those residents by making fidget/activity mats.  These activity mats provide the opportunity for the person to do something with their hands as well as their minds.    Fifteen activity maps were made by PC quilters for Abrazo.  Carol Winston shows one activity mat, other mats included other activities.   Community service is a significant mission of the PebbleCreek Quilters. Making these activity mats are a part of that mission, to make life more meaningful with our created projects.  Another fifteen cotton flannel baby blankets were presented to Abrazo as well.


PebbleCreek Quilters Celebrate 2017 and the Holiday Season

            Members of the PebbleCreek Quilters Club met in the Tuscany Ballroom on December 18, 2017 for a luncheon.  All enjoyed the recount of activities the past year, a memory time for Sue Godwin, the drawing of the winning raffle ticket for the 2017 Opportunity Quilt and election of officers for 2018.

            In the past year, Donna Aybar reported that the following projects were made and donated by the membership:  173 quilts, 70 breast cancer pillows, 60 dog beds, 25 receiving blankets and 71 hope bags for the New Life Center.  Other items were donated to designated agencies.  Other community service projects for the upcoming 2018 were highlighted.

To purchase the needed supplies for community service projects and maintaining of equipment in the fiber arts room, an annual raffle is held for the Opportunity Quilt which is drawn at the annual holiday luncheon. From hundreds of tickets, Marlene Kuskie won the 2018 Opportunity Quilt, a member of our organization.

A special memorial time was presented by Priscilla Newarski to honor Sue Godwin.  Sue played a very significant role in the creation and future success of the organization.  The family donated a teddy bear that  Sue had made and a raffle was held.  Jan Johnson won the raffle and money from the raffle will be donated to the Wounded Warriors organization.

Elected board members for 2018 are: (Picture insert).   President Chris Booth, Kathy Brown Education, Linda Publicover Long Arm Machine, Marlene Kuskie Publicity, Helen Phillips Secretary, Donna Arybar Community Service, Jean Fry Vice President.  Not pictured JoEllen Cruze Treasurer.  Other Standing Committee Chairpersons were recognized as well.

Members look forward to the many opportunities in 2018 to learn, create and connect with other Pebblecreek quilters.  If persons are interested and want to learn more about the organization, see  You will find many pictures of the fun times members have and their beautiful art Creations.  

President: Chris Booth

Vice President: Jean Fry

Secretary: Helen Phillips

Programs/Education: Kathy Brown

Community Service: Donna Aybar

Long Arm Machine: Linda Publicover

Not Pictured - Treasurer: JoEllen Cruze

May 2018 Article By Marlene Kuskie in the PebbleCreek Post

Viewers’ Choice Awards of the PC Quilt Show

Attendees at the PC Quilters “Art of Quilting” Show on Sunday, March 18 were asked to select their favorite quilt in each category of the quilt show.   The following Viewers’ Choices definitely exemplified the art of quilting.

Wall Hangings & Other Quilting Projects:  Linda Shaver                              Vintage and Applique:  Sue Whaples






              Traditional:  Sue Whaples                                                                                         Challenge: Patti Schuldt

Attendees at the PC Quilters Art of Quilting Show on Sunday, March 18 were asked to select their favorite quilt in each category of the quilt show.  The following Viewers’ Choices definetly exemplified the art of quilting.

Wall Hangings and Other Quilting Projects:  Linda Shaver

Vintage and Applique:  Sue Whaples

Traditional:  Sue Whaples

Modern:  Wendy Gilbert

Challenge Projects:  Patti Schuldt